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How to help victims of the Philippines typhoon

How to help victims of the Philippines typhoon

2 min. 16.11.2013 From our online archive
A number of charitable organisations from Luxembourg have this week rallied their efforts to help those affected by last week's devastating typhoon in the Philippines. Read on to find out how to support them.

A number of charitable organisations from Luxembourg have this week rallied their efforts to help those affected by last week's devastating typhoon in the Philippines.

They are all calling on the Luxembourg public to help fund this emergency aid to the thousands of people in dire need.

Read on to find out about the main charity appeals in Luxembourg.

Médecins sans frontiers (MSF)

More than 140 MSF staff will shortly be in the Philippines helping people in the worst affected areas, including in northern Cebu, eastern Samar, Panay island and the west of Leyte province.

Meanwhile, nine cargo aircraft have been chartered to transport drugs, medical supplies, shelter, relief kits and equipment for water treatment and hygiene. In addition to treating the worst injured, MSF staff have a lot of work treating small injuries which require immediate attention to avoid infection. Tetanus is also a major problem as people injure themselves while digging in the rubble of their homes.

Donate to the MSF appeal:

  • Médecins Sans Frontières
  • IBAN: LU75 1111 0000 4848 0000
  • Subject: Urgences Philippines
  • By credit card online:

UNICEF Luxembourg

UNICEF is focusing its aid efforts on helping girls and boys affected by the typhoon who live in very basic housing, often located at low altitude. The situation is particularly dramatic for children who had suffered an earthquake in October in the province of Bohol, the charity points out.

By donating to UNICEF Luxembourg, you will be supporting the Philippine government's protection plan, which stockpiles supplies of humanitarian goods on site. UNICEF is leading the efforts of the emergency aid and has already delivered 60 tonnes of relief goods, and will provide more in the coming days.

Donate to UNICEF Luxembourg

  • UNICEF Luxembourg
  • IBAN: LU38 1111 0000 1818 0000
  • IBAN: LU37 0019 1000 7067 0000
  • Subject: Urgence Philippines
  • By credit card online:

Luxembourg Red Cross

The Luxembourg Red Cross has allocated 250,000 euros of its emergency fund to assist victims of Typhoon Haiyan to provide urgently needed food and shelter.

According to current estimates, a second wave of aid will be required to provide food, drinking water, shelter and other basics to 100,000 families over the next year and a half.

The cost of this aid is estimated at around 70 million euros. David-Pierre Marquet of the Red Cross International Committee (ICRC) said: "The contribution of the Luxembourg Red Cross is vital. It will help to implement the intervention of the ICRC on the island of Samar. Our teams are currently assessing the exact needs in this area is very difficult to access."

Donate to the Luxembourg Red Cross

  • Luxembourg Red Cross
  • IBAN: LU52 1111 0000 1111 0000
  • Subject: emergency shelters
  • By credit card online :

Caritas Luxembourg

Caritas Luxembourg is working to distribute aid to thousands of people in the north of the island of Cebu. Aid includes food, drinking water and sanitary articles.

Thanks to the support of donations in Luxembourg, further aid can be distributed over the coming days, however, more money is needed to continue this vital assistance over the coming weeks. "The situation is dramatic. During the coming weeks, thousands of people continue to need our support," explained Caritas Luxembourg coordinator Carole Reckinger.

Donate to Caritas Luxembourg

  • Caritas Luxembourg
  • IBAN: LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000
  • Subject: Typhoon
  • By credit card online: