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Infections stable as Luxembourg ramps up Covid measures

Infections stable as Luxembourg ramps up Covid measures

by Yannick LAMBERT 30.12.2021 From our online archive
Of the 19 intensive care patients last week, 13 were unvaccinated
A PCR throat swab performed in Luxembourg
A PCR throat swab performed in Luxembourg
Photo credit: Anouk Antony

Covid-19 infections remained stable over the last week compared to the previous one, but fewer tests were carried out, reducing the chance of identifying Covid-19 infections.

During the week starting 20 December, around 2,700 people tested positive for  Covid-19, the government said in its weekly round-up on Wednesday. However, the number of PCR tests went down in the same week, decreasing from 31,000 to 25,000. 

Among the 2,688 infections detected that week, the incidence rate among the unvaccinated was almost twice as high as for those who are fully jabbed. 

On Wednesday, Luxembourg recorded a new record of 1,053 infections, its highest figure yet, and another death, taking the overall death tally to 911. The day before it reported close to 500 cases, and during the Christmas period testing was low.

On Christmas Day, new measures came into place with more restrictions targeting the unvaccinated. Hospitality venues now close at 11pm and additional tests are required for those who have not yet received a booster vaccine.

Among hospital admissions, 29 out of 47 patients in wards were unvaccinated, with 18 fully vaccinated, while 13 out of 19 patients in intensive care were unvaccinated. 

For the week of 20-26 December, a total of  31,520 vaccines doses were administered, compared to more than 40,000 the week before. Six people died of the virus last week, down from nine the week before.

More than 2,900 people received a first dose, more than 1,800 a second dose and more than 26,700 people received a booster dose during that week.

The country has now administered more than 1 million doses of vaccines since the start of vaccine campaign one year ago.

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