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Luxembourg 28,000 state employees struggle to keep up with demand
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Luxembourg 28,000 state employees struggle to keep up with demand

by CS 22.10.2019 From our online archive
Education, police force and prison administration among priorities for new hires

The Luxembourg state's resources are overstretched despite employing more than 28,000 people - a number that could rise to more than 30,000 because of a hiring spree announced for next year.

The government on Tuesday said that it employs 17,675 civil servants (fonctionnaires d’État) and 10,651 contracted employees, making it the single biggest employer in the country.

This does not include staff at the country's communes. The City of Luxembourg alone employs more than 4,000 people.

Education sector workers, including teachers, make up the largest share at 14,000 employees. It is the only sector dominated by women, who represent two thirds of employees in this group.

At 469,483 employees overall in Luxembourg in September, the state employs around 6% of the country's workforce. But that is still not enough, according to the government.

The government would create a total of 1,830 additional public sector jobs, finance minister Pierre Gramegna said last week, to cope with population growth and the growing number of cross-border workers.

Several administrations are struggling with their workload. "Substantial" delays should, for example, be expected for the processing of tax declarations, the government said earlier this year.

A priority for next year's hiring spree will be education, the police force and prison administration, with a view to the opening of a new prison facility in Sanem in 2022.

Over the past decade, the number of state employees has grown by around a quarter.

Even though many public sector jobs are open to non-Luxembourg nationals, many foreign applicants struggle to fulfil the language criteria and around three quarters of jobs are filled by Luxembourg nationals.

On the flip side, around three out of four private sector employees are foreigners.

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