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Luxembourg, a nation of early risers

Luxembourg, a nation of early risers

01.03.2016 From our online archive
By 7am, one in ten residents are on their way to work and another one in ten are already at work, a survey has shown.

Luxembourg is a nation of early risers, new data suggests, with a fifth of the population out of bed by  6am and two thirds up by 7am.

Results from a 2014 survey with Luxembourg residents published on Tuesday showed that by 7am one in ten were on their way to work, school or other commitments and a further one in ten was already at work.

The majority of residents said they lunched at 12:30pm while the peak for eating evening meals fell at 7:10pm.

Half of residents said they spent their evenings in front of a screen of some kind until 9:40pm, on average while just under two thirds said they turned in at around 11pm.

The survey showed that residents spent on average 8 hours and 46 minutes per day sleeping and resting, equivalent to 37 percent of the day.

Over the course of a year, the survey showed that on average residents spent three months working, two months on leisure activities and four-and-a-half months resting.

For the survey, 2,100 people aged 10 to 70 were asked to record their movements at 10 minute intervals over a 24-hour period.