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ADEM: "A lot has to change"

ADEM: "A lot has to change"

14.03.2012 From our online archive
In light of the growing unemployment rate, Employment Minister Nicolas Schmit is advocating an active approach and wants to remodel the unemployment office in Luxembourg (ADEM).

In light of the growing unemployment rate, Employment Minister Nicolas Schmit is advocating an active approach and wants to remodel Luxembourg's unemployment office (ADEM). He believes that a business consultancy should breathe new life into the agency.

Schmit appears to be very critical regarding the current state of Luxembourg's unemployment office . He claims that ADEM’s management needs to change significantly as it has been operating far too long without self-scrutiny. Mind Forest, a consultancy office which specialises in organisational transitions, will implement a new culture within ADEM. "Their entire system of values needs to change", says Guy Kerger from Mind Forest. "Both employment seekers and businesses will have to be taken more seriously as clients."

Schmit: Not just a question of renaming

According to Schmit ADEM should be doing a lot more than just matching vacancy profiles with job seeker profiles. Recruitment advisors should approach businesses in a more straightforward manner. A call centre should be established to allow for a better contact with the unemployed. Local staff could then respond to administrative queries by phone, or arrange for a return call from the corresponding agent if they are unable to answer the phone on the spot.

On Thursday Minister Schmit revoked criticism for reform being only limited to a change of name. "A new name represents a new philosophy", he argues. More value should be placed on the cooperation between businesses and ADEM. It is now common knowledge that many companies do not even register their vacancies with the agency, even though they are actually obliged to do so.

However, Schmit does not believe that following up on those violations would help at all: "The only way we can reach companies is through a better quality of service. Regulations don’t mean much if HR managers don’t even consider the candidates presented to them by ADEM."

Extensive discussions expected

The Employment Minister has identified the youth and the elderly groups of the unemployed as those causing most concern on the job market. Hence, new specifically tailored programmes are scheduled which should open up new perspectives for them. "Observatoire du marché de l'emploi" will also be launched in order to supply information regarding the job market.

The ADEM reform act will be presented to Parliament in autumn and Minister Schmit is expecting broad discussions on the subject.