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Luxembourg drops in LGBTQ+ rights ranking

Luxembourg drops in LGBTQ+ rights ranking

by Andréa OLDEREIDE 13.05.2022
Denmark outflanks Luxembourg after legislative spurt in the Scandinavian country
In theory, Luxembourg is a progressive country, but in practice, LGBTQ+ people lack visbility, critics say
In theory, Luxembourg is a progressive country, but in practice, LGBTQ+ people lack visbility, critics say
Photo credit: Photo: Lucien Wolff

Luxembourg lost points in a ranking of the position of queer people, dropping to fifth place from third in the European Rainbow Index despite being one of the most progressive countries in Europe for LGBTQ+ rights.

Malta placed first in this year's ranking. The Mediterranean island was followed by Denmark, Belgium, and Norway, according to the European chapter of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), the advocacy group that puts the ranking together.   

Denmark moved up seven places in 2021 as it made LGBTQ+ rights a priority last year, filling in gaps in health and education legislation. But Luxembourg made no legal improvements in favour of LGBTQ+ rights last year.

Luxembourg had wanted to adopt a law prohibiting surgery on intersex children right after they are born last year, but the plans are still pending, the Rosa Lëtzebuerg pressure group said on Thursday. 

The Luxembourgish group has also long demanded the automatic recognition of parenthood for couples having a baby, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and the prohibition of conversion therapy, a controversial method aimed at forcibly changing one's sexual orientation.

These demands are “urgent projects that would be relatively easy to set up,” the group wrote, adding that the recognition of non-binary gender identities was also high on its list and that of other international groups.

From a technical point of view, Luxembourg tends to do well in international LGBTQ+ rights rankings, it can be surprisingly hard to discover signs of queer life in Luxembourg, businesses and newcomers say. Few people would for instance select Luxembourg out as a destiny for Pride events and it has less than a handful of privately run businesses that identify as queer.

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