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Green light for subsidised housing project

Green light for subsidised housing project

by HP 06.12.2017 From our online archive
More than half of units will be available to rent
The government has approved 4,245 housing units since 2014 (Shutterstock)

The Luxembourg government has approved a housing project of 18 new subsidised residences and more than 60% of the units will be made available to rent.

The decision was made on Wednesday and is in line with the government's agreement to make a higher share of subsidised properties available to tenants.

The project – a €24 million investment – consists of 149 units, 91 of which will become rental properties and 58 will be up for sale.

Luxembourg's housing ministry stated the share of rental properties is increasing.

A total of 55% of the 18 new projects will be initiated by communes, which the ministry says "illustrates the dynamic induced in social housing and subsidised by the communal initiative".

Since October 2014 the government council has approved 362 housing projects consisting of 4,245 units. Of those, 1,660 were for sale and 2,585 for rent.