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Hundreds of affordable homes to be built in Luxembourg

Hundreds of affordable homes to be built in Luxembourg

2 min. 05.09.2017 From our online archive
'It's not a traditional project. We are taking a big risk, and there is none other like this in Luxembourg.'

A first-of-its-kind residential project of 800 affordable housing with energy-efficient wooden constructions and a parking-free zone is due to be built next year.

The 27-hectare project, located 12km west of Luxembourg city in Olm, near Capellen, consists of 400 houses and 400 flats.

The houses will be wooden constructions to meet the government's sustainability criteria introduced earlier this year and to guarantee an accelerated building process.

The site will also be a parking-free zone, and residents will only be able to park at a central car park, making the single-file roads through the complex an area where cars can only drive through or stop briefly.

"This is an innovative project," Director of Société Nationale des Habitations à Bon Marché (SNHBM), Guy Entringer, told the Wort.

"It's not a traditional project. We are taking a big risk, and there is none other like this in Luxembourg. We want to build the neighbourhood of the future."

Construction is scheduled to start in autumn 2018 with 200 houses and 200 flats being built in the first phase.

All the houses will meet the government's LENOZ criteria – a sustainability certification introduced earlier this year for residential buildings.

They will also be 'nearly-zero-energy buildings', the highest ranking for energy performance.

"This is our first full project that answers the LENOZ criteria," Entringer said.

"Another goal is the urban quality of life. None of the dwellings will have a private parking space directly outside, only a centralised car park located up to 200m away from the dwelling.

"People will be able to stop outside their home to unload their shopping, for example, but cannot park there. We want people on the roads within the site, not cars."

The project, called Elmen, is one of SNHBM's affordable housing projects sold below market rate, based on household income.

To be eligible for the scheme, applicants must not own any other properties in Luxembourg or abroad, must live in the property and must earn a "modest" income.

SNHBM housing is subject to pre-emption rights of 99 years in Luxembourg City and surrounding areas and at least 25 years elsewhere across the country.

This means that, in the future, the housing cannot be sold privately with considerable capital gain but must be sold back to the SNHBM at a price similar to the purchase price, plus the index evolution.

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