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Latest plans submitted for Neudorf-Cents-Kirchberg lift and bridge

Latest plans submitted for Neudorf-Cents-Kirchberg lift and bridge

2 min. 30.08.2017 From our online archive
The proposed bridge hangs around 40m above the Neudorf valley without pillars.

New plans are being drafted for a lift and a cycle and footbridge connecting Kirchberg with Neudorf and Cents.

The project was first tabled in 2006 but plans have been repeatedly met with opposition from residents.

Now, Nico Steinmetz, partner and urban architect for Steinmetzdemeyer, who also designed the Pfaffenthal lift, is looking into new plans which will be a slight amendment of his previous proposal after residents wanted to see the 500m distance between the access to the lift and bridge in Weimershof, at the foot of Kirchberg, reduced.

Proposal drawings presented by the Ville de Luxembourg last month included a lift going from near the church in Neudorf to Weimershof at the edge of Kirchberg, almost parallel with d'Coque sports centre.

The cycle and footbridge was proposed to be located around 500m away from the lift access point in Weimershof, and hanging around 40m above the Neudorf valley to link to Cents.

The three areas would then be connected, with a lift joining Neudorf to Weimershof and a bridge connecting Weimershof with Cents.

Following the presentation, residents approved of the design but wanted to see all the new infrastructure concentrated in one area, near the lift rather than have a 500m distance between the two.

Hanging bridge

The proposed bridge is made mainly of steel, with a steel frame and floor and the cables curved in elevation. As the Neudorf valley is a biotope area, Steinmetz designed the bridge with no pillars, only a platform at both ends, to protect the wildlife.

"In between the two platforms will be cables," he explained. "The challenge would be getting the cables from one end to the other, which could be done by helicopter."

Steinmetz said the Millennium Bridge in London was done with a similar system to the one proposed.

View of city skyline from lift

The proposed lift goes from near the church in Neudorf and offers a panoramic view towards Luxembourg city.

"We identified a view of the skyline of the city from there so the lift is glazed on only one side, looking out towards the view," Steinmetz said.

While the cabin of the Pfaffenthal lift protrudes from its solid block tower, the Neudorf lift cabin will travel inside a hollow tower made of two concrete walls.

"The lift tower is behind the church tower and will be slightly smaller in width and there will be a void for the cabin to move inside the lift tower," Steinmetz added. "This makes it less imposing than the church tower to respect it."

The size of the lift will be between that of the Grund and Pfaffenthal and will have two doors, at opposite sides of the cabin, to allow bikes to be manoeuvred easily.

Better connections for pedestrians and cyclists

The project will allow residents in Cents and Neudorf to be better connected to the business and leisure areas of Kirchberg.

"Cents and Neudorf are two areas with housing but not much leisure activities," Steinmetz said. "Kirchberg is a place people go for leisure, culture, sports and shopping so the project makes the connection between the three areas.

"Soft mobility [non-motor form of transport] is becoming more and more developed and Luxembourg has a strong topography with inclinations which aren't always attractive to cyclists. Lifts and bridges are a way of bringing places together for soft mobility and links residential areas with business and leisure areas."

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