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Luxembourg City election results point to possible DP/CSV coalition

Luxembourg City election results point to possible DP/CSV coalition

3 min. 09.10.2017 From our online archive
One question is on everyone's lips this morning following the communal election results in Luxembourg City: Could we see a DP/CSV coalition?

Now that the communal-election results for Luxembourg City are in, one question is on everyone's lips: Could we see a Democratic Party (DP)/Christian Social People's Party (CSV) coalition? 

The DP/Green coalition, which has governed the capital for the last six years, may have to be reconsidered following somewhat disappointing results for the DP, the party of Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer. 

The DP won 30.04% of the vote compared with 33.36% in 2011, translating into nine seats at the communal council instead of 10. 

The Greens won 19.26% of votes, an increase of 0.81% compared with 2011, and have kept the same number of seats. 

The big winner for the city of Luxembourg, though, has clearly been the CSV. The party, headed by Serge Wilmes in the city, received 25.03% of votes, a 5.8% increase compared with 2011. This translates into two more seats for the party, which now holds a total of seven seats. 

The Luxembourg Social Workers' Party (LSAP) lost one seat in Luxembourg City. The party got 11.09% of the votes compared with 15.93% in 2011, leaving them with three seats. 

A new coalition?

The CSV's gains mean a new coalition could see the light of day in the capital. Top CSV candidate Wilmes confirmed that the first contact was established on Sunday night with the DP and that coalition negotiations between the two parties would start on Monday. 

Wilmes, who won a total of 9,187 votes in Luxembourg City, said he was very pleased with his party's results. 

"Our team, which is composed of many young candidates, achieved an outstanding result," he said, adding that the election results showed that CSV members deserved to be in the governing council. 

François Benoy, one of the top candidates for the Greens, feels similarly for his party. He highlighted that his party had improved its score over the last three elections.

"It is clear citizens also want to see us in the coalition in the future," he said.

Yet talks with the DP have not yet taken place.

Sam Tanson, the top candidate for the Greens in Luxembourg City, got 8,850 votes, followed by Benoy with 7,053.

Luxembourg City Mayor Polfer improved her score, receiving 12,653 votes, 563 more than in 2011. 

The big disappointment of the night came for the LSAP. Marc Angel, the top candidate for the party in Luxembourg City, was disheartened by the results.

"The Socialist Party lost a seat," he said. "We don't know what we did wrong. A detailed analysis of the results will have to show this.

"In any case, we will work even more in the interest of the citizens in the next six years.

"I am observing a move to the right all over the country, which, of course, doesn't please me."

The city council

For the DP, in addition to Polfer, Simone Beissel, Patrick Goldschmidt, Colette Mart, Jeff Wirtz, Héloïse Bock, Tanja de Jager, Claude Radoux and Vronny Krieps will sit on the city's council. 

In addition to the CSV's Wilmes, Isabel Wiseler-Santos Lima, Maurice Bauer, Laurent Mosar, Claudine Konsbrück, Paul Galles and Elisabeth Margue will sit on the council.

The Greens will be represented by Carlo Back, Tilly Metz and Claudie Reyland, in addition to the two top candidates Tanson and Benoy.

Both top candidates for the LSAP, Angel and Cathy Fayot, got a seat on the city council, as well as Tom Krieps.

The Left, which keeps two seats on the council, will be represented by David Wagner and Joël Delvaux.

And for the Alternative Democratic Reform Party, it's Roy Reding who will be occupying a seat.

(By Barbara Tasch and Nadine Schartz)