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Luxembourg: part of Germany right?

Luxembourg: part of Germany right?

2 min. 11.03.2014 From our online archive
What is your answer to the question: "When you go abroad and say you're from Luxembourg, what are the typical clichés you hear about Luxembourg?"

(ADW) It seems that Luxembourg suffers from identity. Not from image or physical identity but geographical. Just where is Luxembourg?

The Facebook fan page “Luxembourg” that now boasts more than 51,500 “likes” posed the following questions to its members:

"When you go abroad and say you're from Luxembourg, what are the typical clichés you hear about Luxembourg?"

The response was swift with a massive amount of comments.

Although the question was designed as simply a bit of fun, what it does clearly show is that a vast majority of respondents state that they encounter ignorance when abroad as to just where Luxembourg is located. The top scoring reply is “isn’t it part of Germany?”. Next comes Belgium and then France.

The next cliché appears to be the “tax haven” and rich response, which although may be taken to extremes, is closer to the truth than other replies.

Another problem appears to be language. Many foreigners do not know that Luxembourgish is even a language and believe that French rules, much to the frustration of Luxembourgers. Possibly this should be an area the country and tourist office should begin to publicise abroad.

Here is just a selection of some of the other comments:

  • Oh, lucky, you live in the richest country in the world
  • Is that where they make radios?
  • You are so rich!
  • That's the small country between Austria and Switzerland, right?
  • No tax!
  • I didn't know this is a independent state
  • Luxembourgers know how to party.
  • Does it belong to Belgium?
  • You must work in a bank
  • Luxembourg ... 12 points
  • There’s country between Germany, Belgium and France?
  • So are your parents bankers or farmers?
  • Ah yes Luxembourg, I've been to Belgium before it’s a lovely place
  • Hedge Funds haven...
  • Ah, so you speak French at home?
  • You mean that place that still doesn’t have a Starbucks?
  • Is Luxembourgish a language?
  • Luxembourg ? You mean "les jardins du Luxembourg" à Paris ?
  • Its a town, right?
  • ‎"We drive through it every time we go to France"
  • From Americans: "Which state is that in?"

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So what do you think? Do you have any other clichés to add? Should Luxembourg campaign to educate abroad, or should it sit back, take it all in its stride and laugh? Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook Page or Twitter.