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Three new free-of-charge international schools to open next year

Three new free-of-charge international schools to open next year

2 min. 24.08.2017 From our online archive
The schools cover three language sections as well as primary and secondary education.

Three new international schools are set to open next year, offering pupils the European Baccalaureate in three language sections.

The schools will be introduced in Junglinster, Mondorf and Clervaux and will be free-of-charge and open from September 2018, the education ministry confirmed to the Luxemburger Wort on Thursday.

In Junglinster, an English and a German section will be available for primary and secondary years and pupils will join those in the local system in the Lënster Lycée building. The ministry is looking for an additional building for the new primary section but the existing secondary school has the capacity to accommodate all pupils in the first instance.

An English, French and German section are planned for Mondorf, where a new building is being constructed. The project is "still being elaborated" and it has not yet been decided if the school in Mondorf will have both primary and secondary levels. 

The northernmost school, in Clervaux, will have a French and German section at secondary level only. Plans to add an English section could be introduced in the future, if there is a need to expand. The ministry is also considering the possibility of offering a nursery and primary section the following year. A new building is under construction and pupils in the local system and those in the new school will all be under the same roof.

All three schools will follow the European Baccalaureate, which is currently available at the European School in the private sector and the International School of Differdange in the public sector. The International Baccalaureate could be introduced in future.

More options for all children

The establishments will be the latest of state-run schools to follow a system other than the Luxembourgish Baccalaureate or to be taught in English. Due to high demand the International School of Differdange, which offers English, French and German medium education, has expanded to Esch-sur-Alzette. Lycée Michel Lucius in Limpertsberg, which is taught in English and follows the English curriculum, began in 2011 and from September this year its primary school in Belair will open its doors for the first time.

Speaking about the new locations, which spread the European Baccalaureate and different language options further across the country, Max Wolff, inspector for European schools, said: "All the international schools, except for the International School of Differdange, are in or around Luxembourg City. We thought we could extend the offer to other areas, also in the north of Luxembourg."

The aim of the schools is to provide flexibility and more options to all children and young people, including newly-arrived, those from backgrounds where Luxembourg's official languages are not spoken and Luxembourgish children.

Being located in the same building as pupils in the local system will also enable the new schools to hold some classes, such as physical education, in a mixed class of pupils from both systems.

Applications are not yet open but registration to attend the school will be done via an application form.

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