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Luxembourg tram drivers needed

Luxembourg tram drivers needed

02.06.2016 From our online archive
In the second semester of 2017, the tram will be running. For Luxtram, the recruitment process has already begun: 30 tram drivers are needed.

(NG/SH) Luxtram has begun the recruitment process, and eight different professions are needed: from staff in the control tower through to jobs in mechatronics and mechanics. In addition, 30 tram drivers are needed.

According to Luxtram director André Von Der Marck, Luxtram currently has about 20 employees but will need around 90 people for the tram to be put into operation.

With regards to the 30 tram drivers, by April or May 2017, the first 15 of them will be trained, according to Von Der Marck, with a second group to follow in July.

So what are the requirements for candidacy?

Candidates need to be at least 21 years old, have possessed a category B licence for at least two years and have completed the 9th or 5th class (the equivalent of schooling through the age of about 15).

Selected candidates will eventually be called in for an information meeting. If they've passed the written, medical and psychological evaluations, they will be employed. Under the contract, they will receive four weeks of training.

There are still a few months before the real tram bustle begins. The building sites are visible, and on Thursday the recruitment process will also be taking place on the occasion of RTL's Job Day.

For more information about the different professions, or how to apply, visit the Luxtram website.