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Luxembourg wasted thousands of unused vaccines

Luxembourg wasted thousands of unused vaccines

by Emery P. DALESIO 08.12.2021 From our online archive
Health minister doesn't answer deputy's question about why they weren't donated elsewhere
A delivery of a new shipment of vaccines is expected within days
A delivery of a new shipment of vaccines is expected within days
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Luxembourg destroyed more than 13,000 doses of unused Covid-19 vaccines rather than donate them to a needy country after the AstraZeneca jabs fell out of favour in the Grand Duchy and were left unused in medical refrigerators.

Luxembourg has received no new shipments of the vaccine called Vaxzevria since mid-September, Health Minister Paulette Lenert said on Tuesday. Her written response to questions from lawmaker Sven Clement of the opposition Pirate party did not explain why the 13,110 doses were not donated to another country before their 30 November expiration date in order to prevent them from being wasted.

The AstraZeneca product has lost lustre in Luxembourg since reports last spring that linked the vaccine to very rare deaths due to blood clots. A 74-year old Luxembourg woman died of a brain bleed two weeks after receiving the shot in late March and the national health directorate and the public prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the cause, the health ministry said in April.

Health officials said they were waiting for delivery of a new shipment of vaccines, expected within days, before opening a fourth vaccination centre at an airplane hangar outside the capital's airport and launching a drive to offer vaccine booster doses to those previously considered fully vaccinated. The maker of the booster doses being delivered was not disclosed.

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