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Majority wants say on constitution, survey finds

Majority wants say on constitution, survey finds

by Yannick LAMBERT 2 min. 17.11.2021 From our online archive
But respondents also say they are not sufficiently informed on the issue
The constitution from 1868
The constitution from 1868
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons / Luxembourg Government

More than half of respondents in a Luxembourg political survey believe a referendum should be held over the looming constitutional reform, even as a significant majority says they do not feel well informed on the topic.

A full 54% of respondents in the Politmonitor survey carried out by TNS Ilres for Luxemburger Wort and RTL said that a referendum should be held over Luxembourg's longstanding and complex constitutional reform, with only 22% definitely opposing the move.

However, only 29% said they were well informed on the issue, with only 3% saying that they were very well informed. A total of 70% said they did not have much knowledge on the matter and 22% went as far as saying they were not well informed at all.

The government initially proposed a referendum on the constitutional reform, which also needs support of some opposition lawmakers, in its coalition agreement from 2018, but has since backtracked on the issue. However, a citizen's initiative is currently trying to force a referendum on at least the justice reforms if enough signatures are collected in local council across the country.

Luxembourgers remain strongly opposed to extending voting right to foreigners. A total of 66% oppose foreigners standing in local elections without having lived in the country for at least five years, a measure the government is introducing, with only 25% agreeing with it.

Concerning other policy preferences, 95% said they want to further promote the production and consumption of regional produce and 86% support free educational support and 81% support free meals for children from poorer families in primary school. 

Around 79% are in favour of continuing remote working, which has found widespread use since the beginning of the pandemic, and the same share is in favour of a right to part-time working, which already exists in Germany.

Concerning housing, 62% favour higher taxes on empty construction plots, as pledged by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, and slightly more at 63% want the government and local councils to become the main actors to create affordable housing above private enterprises.

The country, known for its high car ownership, also strongly opposes the phasing out of fuel vehicles from 2030, with 64% of respondents saying they would disagree if such a measure were introduced, and only 21% supporting it.

Concerning the recently announced measure that citizens can have up to four cannabis plants for private consumption at home, respondents are divided, with 40% saying they support it, and 38% opposing the policy.

The survey, which takes place twice a year, asked 1,016 adult Luxembourgers their opinions on a wide range of issues and was carried out between 2 and 10 November.

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