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Make cigarettes more expensive, health body urges
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Make cigarettes more expensive, health body urges

01.03.2016 From our online archive
A leading health body in Luxembourg is calling for the cost of tobacco to be pushed up to help smokers kick the habit.

A leading health body is calling for the cost of cigarettes to be increased in Luxembourg after a survey showed consumption had changed little in recent years.

One in five people in Luxembourg smokes, a 2015 survey by Luxembourg's Cancer Foundation found, a rate which has fallen in the last ten years (25 percent) but has remained unchanged for the past three years.

Yet, half of the smokers polled said they wanted to quit and a fifth wanted to cut back.

The Foundation concluded in the report, which was published on Tuesday, that the only remaining solution was to increase the cost of tobacco products in Luxembourg, where products are among the cheapest in Europe.

“It's the most effective method for the long-term to reduce consumption of tobacco products,” the Foundation said. The survey was carried out by TNS Ilres with 3,746 people aged 15 and above.

1 in 4 young people smoke shisha

It found that men were more likely than women to smoke (23 percent compared with 18 percent of women).

Smoking rates fell slightly in all age brackets with the exception of 55 to 64-year-olds, where it rose from 20 percent in 2006 to 22 percent last year.

The survey showed that the practice of smoking shisha devices was increasingly common among 15 to 24-year-olds, where one in four said they smoked shisha, up from one in five in 2013.

It found that altogether, five percent of the population, equivalent to 23,450 people, smoked shisha.

E-cigarettes, meanwhile, remained a marginal phenomenon with just 5,000 people vaping and 83 percent of smokers vaping while using other tobacco products.