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New groups to overlook education system

New groups to overlook education system

by Michèle Gantenbein 18.01.2018 From our online archive
Bodies tasked with analysing Luxembourg's school system, close gap between schools and society
Education minister Claude Meisch said we need 'more facts and less gut feeling' (Shutterstock)

Luxembourg's education ministry has announced plans to introduce two new bodies to analyse the education system and create a stronger link between schools and society.

The Observatoire de la Qualité Scolaire and the Conseil National des Programmes were announced by education minister Claude Meisch on Thursday.

The Observatoire de la Qualité Scolaire will be tasked with analysing the education system. The eight-person panel will consist of scientists and experts, who will overlook the system and recommendations within the education sector. The panel's views will be addressed to the education ministry and made accessible to the public.

The other eight-member body – the Conseil National des Programmes – will be made up of civil society representatives. Their role is to close the gap between schools and society.

"Schools tends to focus on themselves instead of remembering that they serve society," Meisch said. The aim is to create a closer link between school development and social development.

Meisch described the Observatoire as the "voice of science" and the Conseil National des Programmes as the "voice of society".

He highlighted the two committees aim to objectify the education debate.

"We need more facts and less gut feeling," he added.

Another consideration for this legislative period was the introduction of an "educational table" which would involve the main actors within education, including school directors, national parents association, the education ministry and the new bodies.

(By Michèle Gantenbein, translated by Heledd Pritchard)