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New international school to open in Luxembourg City

New international school to open in Luxembourg City

by Heledd PRITCHARD 2 min. 13.09.2021 From our online archive
The new school will have an English, French and German section
Education Minister Claude Meisch
Education Minister Claude Meisch
Photo credit: Anouk Antony

A new state-run international school with English, French and German sections will open in Luxembourg City from September next year, Education Minister Claude Meisch said on Monday.

The school will be located in Limpertsberg and will follow the European School curriculum.

There are also plans to set up a European-accredited school in Dudelange in the south of the country, Meisch said in a press release.

Over the past four years Luxembourg has stretched its international school options in response to the growing number of foreigners moving into the country. There are now four free-to-attend international schools across the country - one in the capital, one in Junglinster in the centre of the country, and one each in Mondorf-les-Bains in the south and Clervaux in the north.

The European School in Kirchberg is available free of charge only to children of staff from EU institutions or companies with an agreement in place. There is a fee in place for all other pupils.

Two years ago, Meisch told the Luxembourg Times about plans to open a new public international school in the capital, saying it needed it “given the international character of the population of Luxembourg City”.

The new school will not open in Limpertsberg from the offset. The primary section will initially open in Cessange and the secondary school in Hollerich, near the Athénée de Luxembourg and private school International School of Luxembourg (ISL). The school will have an English, French and German section and pupils will also be able to learn Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

While the existing state-run school in the capital teaches the UK curriculum, the new school will follow the European curriculum. Luxembourg City “needs a European curriculum which is closer to the philosophy of the Luxembourgish system with its multilingualism and the different languages that pupils can choose”, Meisch previously said.

Another international school will open its doors this month. The Anne Beffort International School in Mersch will have an English, French and German section for pupils from pre-school until the end of secondary level education.

In the Luxembourgish system, school will be mandatory for all pupils until they are 18 years old in a bid to respond to the increasingly demanding labour market, Meisch said in Monday's press release.

Until now, pupils have been able to leave school at 16 years old. More than a third of school drop-outs are aged between 16 and 18. Over the last school year, 1,670 pupils – or 8% - dropped out of school. The percentage has remained stable over the past four years, decreasing slightly from 9% in 2016. 

Making schools compulsory for an extra two years will help prevent pupils dropping out and will help them into the workforce, the ministry said.

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