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New LuxTimes website for more user options

New LuxTimes website for more user options

1 23.02.2021
Website has moved to new platform - no changes to content
Kate Oglesby (right) interviewing Douwe Miedema
Kate Oglesby (right) interviewing Douwe Miedema
Photo credit: Christophe Olinger

The Luxembourg Times migrated to a different software platform last night, to make it easier to offer new options for readers in the future and align the website with technology already in use by other titles in the company.

While minor differences in formatting may jump out, the goal of the project was to move the existing website with as few changes as possible.

“What the new website will enable us to do is offer a couple of new functionalities for readers … but in terms of content, nothing much has changed,” Editor-in-Chief Douwe Miedema said.



For instance, readers might be able to comment on articles in the future, there will be more options to publish video and audio files, and it will become possible to present longer stories in a more attractive format.

The Luxembourg Times, which writes for English-speaking residents in Luxembourg, had its launch late in 2017. In April of last year, it was acquired by Belgian publisher Mediahuis, along with the Luxemburger Wort and the other titles of newspaper publisher Saint-Paul Luxembourg SA.

The Luxembourg Times issues a newsletter twice a day - one at 0800 hrs and one at 1500 hrs. It also publishes a magazine three times a year.

Next to news about the European Union, business and finance and life and politics in Luxembourg, it also hosts the LT Expat Hub, a comprehensive guide to living in Luxembourg for everybody who is new to the country.

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