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Oil spill affects Mondorf's sewer

Oil spill affects Mondorf's sewer

by Gabrielle ANTAR 21.02.2023
A smell of fuel was reported in Mondorf-les-Bains on Tuesday afternoon
Floating barriers on the river Gander
Floating barriers on the river Gander
Photo credit: Water Management Administration

Luxembourg and French authorities discovered an oil spill in a public sewer in Mondorf-les-Bains, a southern town on the border with France, on Tuesday afternoon, the Environment Ministry and the Water Management Administration (AGE) said. 

"Agents of the Water Management Administration (AGE), units of the Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Service (CGDIS) as well as the French authorities went to the site," the press release said, adding that they found fuel oil and determined that the pollution came from the sewers on the French side of the border. 

The sewer pollutants reached the Emerange sewage treatment plant near Schengen, on the German border with Luxembourg, the Environment Ministry and AGE said, adding that staff managed to keep the pollutants from flowing into the nearby Gander stream by installing four dams at the treatment plant.

This is not the first spill incident this month in the Grand Duchy. In early February, two separate pollution spills affected a stream that flows into the main river of Luxembourg City.

In one case, foam emanating from a car wash was found in the Drosbach stream in the commercial area of Leudelange, a town just south-west of Luxembourg City's Cloche d'Or business area, the Luxemburger Wort reported. The Drosbach flows into the Alzette, the capital's main river.  

In the other incident, a water management team found a container that was leaking a chemical liquid in the backyard of a business just a few hundred metres from where the car wash foam was discovered, the Wort reported, adding that the chemical liquid was also spilling into the stream. 

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