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Petition calls for cannabis to be legalised in Luxembourg for medicinal use

Petition calls for cannabis to be legalised in Luxembourg for medicinal use

10.03.2017 From our online archive
A petition has been set up calling on Luxembourg to follow Germany and allow cannabis to be made legal under prescription for people suffering from a chronic illness to help relieve pain.

(HP) A man who wants cannabis to be made legal in Luxembourg for medicinal purposes has set up a petition which he hopes will be put to parliament.

Kevin Raach, 27, from Esch, started the petition - called legalisation of cannabis for chronic illnesses - after a friend's father died of cancer two years ago.

Earlier this year Germany passed a law legalising the use of cannabis for medicinal use, meaning people  with serious illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis and chronic pain, or a lack of appetite or nausea, could be offered marijuana.

And Kevin believes the same law should be applied in Luxembourg.

"We often hear about studies that cannabis can help with chronic illnesses," he said. "Germany has accepted to legalise it and I thought why can't Luxembourg do the same.

"I'm in good health. I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing it for others who are suffering from a chronic illness. I had the idea of setting up a petition because a friend of mine lost his dad to cancer and I think if cannabis can help reduce pain that can only be a good thing."

For the petition to be presented to parliament it needs to reach 4,500 signatures and has until March 20 to reach the necessary number of support.

The petition states that chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory conditions and cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), are the main cause of death across the world. 

Kevin added: "If cannabis for medicinal purposes was legalised it would be on a doctor's prescription only. I also think it should be reimbursed by the CNS, or at least part of it."

The aim of the petition is to legalise the drug for those with a chronic illness to reduce pain.