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Police raid doctor's office after he helps Covid denier

Police raid doctor's office after he helps Covid denier

30.09.2021 From our online archive
Psychiatrist deemed anti-mask activist should be granted exception to rule in order to prevent anxiety attacks
A demonstrator in Luxembourg connects Covid mask and test mandates to global conspiracy plots
A demonstrator in Luxembourg connects Covid mask and test mandates to global conspiracy plots
Photo credit: Anouk Antony

By Patrick Jacquemot, Maximilian Richard and Emery P. Dalesio

Police recently raided the office of a Luxembourg psychiatrist who approved a medical exception to mask-wearing requirements for a Covid-denying, anti-mask activist who bragged about his refusal online.

Investigators seized the medical file of patient Dan Schmitz after Marcel Lang approved the medical exemption certificate, the Luxemburger Wort reported on Thursday. Lang signed the certificate on September 23 last year because the 60-year-old suffers from panic disorder and "is unfit to wear anti-Covid masks,” the psychiatrist said.

Schmitz, who denies that Covid-19 is a dangerous pandemic and rejects the public health benefits of face-coverings, has crowed about his certificate excusing his obligation to wear a mask. In videos posted on YouTube, Schmitz does not attribute gaining his exemption certificate to an anxiety disorder. 

"Well folks, I wanted to draw your attention once again to the fact that I have not been tested or vaccinated and that I will not be wearing a mask," he says in one of many videos. In other videos, Schmitz urges viewers not to be blindly led by official health instructions, to refuse wearing masks as authorities recommend and to spread theories about conspiracies in national politics.

Lang denies issuing the certificate for false reasons. In an open letter, the psychiatrist insists that doctors must be able to work freely according to their conscience and medical evidence without fearing reprisal. 

Lang's troubles follow the July decision by an independent disciplinary board to impose a one-year suspension on a general practitioner who raised doubts about Covid-19 vaccines and the effectiveness of masks. 

Benoît Ochs committed several violations of medical ethics including treating Covid-19 patients with unapproved medications, failing to wear a mask and raising doubts about vaccinations and other issues, the disciplinary board determined. Ochs appealed the suspension last month and has the right to continue to see patients until his case is concluded, his attorney said.

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