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Potential risk of floods along Moselle river

Potential risk of floods along Moselle river

by Yannick HANSEN 09.04.2022 From our online archive
Heavy rain and snowfall caused water levels to rise
Floods along the Moselle river
Floods along the Moselle river
Photo credit: Chris Karaba

The Moselle river in the east of Luxembourg is expected to continue to rise until Sunday morning, triggering a warning for potential floods, the water management agency said on Saturday.

Heavy rain and snowfall in the Moselle region caused the river's water level to rise, putting the flood warning service on standby, the agency said.

It comes less than a year after torrential rain wreaked havoc across the country, causing rivers to burst their banks, damaging homes and flooding entire towns and villages. The country is now setting up a new system to alert residents in case of extreme weather conditions after the government drew criticism last year for failing to warn people about floods.

As of 13h00 on Saturday, all measuring stations along the Moselle in Luxembourg reported levels at the low end of a three-tier warning system. The maximum water level is expected for Sunday, the water management agency said.

There is no risk of floods along any other rivers in Luxembourg, data from the country's measuring stations showed on Saturday.

On Friday, snow and heavy rain fell across the country after last month broke a record for the sunniest March in 73 years, according to data from Luxembourg’s met office.

The latest water levels can be found on

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