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Red flood alert still in place over Luxembourg
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Red flood alert still in place over Luxembourg

by Zuzanna REDA-JAKIMA 16.07.2021 From our online archive
But risk of further inundations subsiding
Rosport was one of the most severely affected communes
Rosport was one of the most severely affected communes
Photo credit: Guy Jallay

Luxembourg is still under a red flood alert but the risk of further inundations is decreasing, the meteorological office said in a statement on Friday morning.

“Occasional showers are still possible today, especially in the Moselle region, with the expected rainfall of 5-10 litres per square metre,” Meteolux wrote.

Water levels of the Moselle river are expected to continue to rise until Sunday but then temperatures will increase and it will be mostly sunny and dry, Metelux said.

On Thursday, thousands of people in Luxembourg were forced out of their homes, after torrential rains caused rivers to burst their banks across the country. In Germany, the floods killed at least 103 people.  

The rainfall hit two records for July, with levels of more than 74 litres/m² over a 12-hour period and almost 80 litres/m² in 24 hours, relegating the previous records from 22 July 2016 of 60 litres/m² and 71 litres/m² respectively, MeteoLux said.

The train line between Luxembourg and Belgium has now been restored, national railway operator CFL said on Friday afternoon, however trains to France are expected to return only on Sunday.  

On Thursday the crisis unit indicated that the return of the rivers to a normal level could take "a few days". The government declared a natural disaster across the country and earmarked €50 million to help those affected.

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