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Secondary teachers in Luxembourg earn highest in OECD

Secondary teachers in Luxembourg earn highest in OECD

14.01.2016 From our online archive
Luxembourg boasts the best-paid teachers in the world while teaching in Hungary pays the worst salaries, an OECD report has found.

(ml/JB) Luxembourg secondary school teachers have no reason to complain when it comes to their paypackets as they earn significantly better than their foreign colleagues.

An OECD report shows in Luxembourg teacher salaries begin at 73,700 euros (79,920 USD), putting Luxembourg at the top of the earnings list.

At the top end, more experienced teachers earn on average 128,200 euros (138,920 USD), again placing Luxembourg head of the list.

Teachers in Germany were the second biggest earners with a starting salary of 46,000 euros (56,757 USD) going up to a ceiling of 53,400 euros (74,744 USD), followed by those in Denmark (starting 46,000 USD up to 53,400 USD) and the USA (starting at 43,000 USD up to 66,000USD).

Teachers in France and Belgium fared less well, earning 30,300 to 65,800 USD and 43,400 to 59,600 USD respectively.

But it was teachers in Hungary who were the worst off at the end of the month, earning an average of 10,600 USD a year.

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