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Stop hiding UFO evidence, petitioners say
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Stop hiding UFO evidence, petitioners say

by Emery P. DALESIO 2 min. 21.03.2021 From our online archive
Others want a bronze statue of Napoleon Bonaparte to be set up in Luxembourg's geographic centre
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The truth is out there: files Luxembourg’s government holds may describe sightings of unexplained aircraft that some believe contain evidence life on other worlds exists.

It is a pressing question, at least for the people who submitted a public petition calling on government agencies to disclose any information they have on unidentified flying objects.

“Although the subject is still often ridiculed or treated with contempt and derision by those who defend it, there have been an increasing number of serious attempts in recent years to persuade governments of various countries to publish the information collected on this subject”, petition supporters said. 

The proposal was one of 15 petitions that were approved for circulation on Friday. If any of these often colourful petitions collect more than 4,500 signatures, parliament will need to debate the proposal with the minister in charge - although it is not required to take further action.

Another petition calls for a bronze statue of Napoleon Bonaparte to be installed in the geographic centre of Luxembourg in recognition of his persisting influence on the legal system, schools, commerce and church-state relations during his occupation of the country after the French revolution.

On a more practical note, one petition would prevent landlords from charging tenants for the cost of real estate agents marketing their property. The charges, which usually amount to the value of one month’s rent, should be borne by the landlord who hired the agency, the petition said.

The request for  Luxembourg to become fully transparent about possible alien visitations comes as the US government has begun releasing some of its presumed trove of reports about UFOs. 

In January, the US spy agency CIA released what it says are all its files on UFOs. The 2,700 pages included reports about mysterious explosions in a Russian town and a first-hand description of a flying object in Azerbaijan.  

In December, the US Congress ordered the country’s national intelligence and defence chiefs to release a report on UFOs by the middle of this year.

Other petitions want:

  1. security guards positioned in front of schools and creches to keep away child molesters and pedophiles;
  2. a basic income for all adults in Luxembourg; 
  3. a ban against anyone vaccinated against Covid-19 enjoying extra advantages or benefits until all Luxembourg residents have at least had the opportunity to be vaccinated;
  4. to attract power-gobbling cryptocurrency mining operations to Luxembourg by eliminating the sales tax on electricity.

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