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Summer 2021 second wettest on record

Summer 2021 second wettest on record

by Yannick HANSEN 01.09.2021
Weather stations in Luxembourg City even measured an all-time high of rain
Rescue operation in Echternach after the floods
Rescue operation in Echternach after the floods
Photo credit: Volker Bingenheimer

Summer 2021, which saw Luxembourg hit by catastrophic flooding, was one of the wettest on record since authorities started monitoring weather in 1854, the agriculture ministry said on Wednesday.

The national meteorological service ASTA registered the second wettest summer since 1854, with 336mm of rain between 1 June and 31 August. Luxembourg recorded its wettest summer in 1931 with the country seeing 388mm of precipitation across the country that year, the ministry said in a press release.

July saw record rainfall, with the Gonderange weather station in the east of the country registering 105.8mm of rain on 14 July, and weather stations in Luxembourg City measuring an all-time high of precipitation during this summer.

Torrential rain on 14 and 15 July did not just beat weather records but also triggered devastating floods throughout the country that caused severe damage to property and infrastructure. Some 30 bridges were damaged by bursting rivers, transport minister François Bausch said in response to a parliamentary question on Tuesday - but there was no loss of life.

Summer 2021 was also chillier than normal and was 0.5 degrees Celsius colder than previous years, the agriculture ministry said, to the dismay of the country's farmers, winemakers and those who chose to stay in Luxembourg for their summer holiday.

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