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Taming the wild Rock-A-Field crowds
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Taming the wild Rock-A-Field crowds

4 min. 05.07.2015 From our online archive
The Tame and the Wild are one of many local bands playing at this year’s Rock-A-Field festival. Philippe, the band’s guitarist, took some time to chat to Sam Steen about the band and their journey so far.

The Tame and the Wild are one of many local bands playing at this year’s Rock-A-Field festival, the group in its current guise are relatively new but essentially they are a reforming and rebranding of the band Kate who have been around for few years now. Philippe, the band’s guitarist, took some time to chat to Sam Steen about the band and their journey so far.

Fans of Kate will be familiar with the kind of music the band are into and while there are some similarities, there are also some notable differences. Philippe explained their sound. “We make, I guess, indie folk. Partly loud, partly quiet, it’s very dynamic, some songs are very minimal and ambient and others are explorative and electric and distorted with a lot of reverb and this kind of dreamy ambiance that comes into a lot of our songs.”

When did this new incarnation of the group happen?

“We’ve been playing together with these people for two or three years, part of the band played in another band together. We started the Tame & The Wild in last year, in September” said Philippe, “Before it was called Kate and during the song writing and the recording we changed a lot in the way that we work and the way we write and the way we sound so we decided to start again as a new project and that was the Tame & The Wild”

So how does the Tame & The Wild differ from Kate? ”It’s less straight forward pop, said Phillipe, “as much as we enjoyed doing that, I would say that the new songs are more nostalgic and more melancholic.”

The change wasn’t something that the group had initially planned on happening but was soething happened naturally as they recorded their new material and it actually gave the band the chance to address an issue that had bugged them for some time. “It came to us, it was a long process of recording and writing songs”, Philippe said, “Actually the Tame and the Wild, the name, was firstly chosen to be the album title but then we thought it was a cool band name as well and the subject of the band name, being Kate at the time, was a recurrent discussion because people often thought Kate was the singer with a backing band. But we really wanted to be a band so we thought why not? It was not really planned but it came slowly to us.”

Interestingly in this case the record came before the band was officially named but as Philippe said, the record was and still is a long time in the making.

We started recording a long time ago actually, it took us quite a while to finish everything and the more we recorded the more we wanted to record so it took us, all in all about 35 days of actual recording throughout a year. We’re almost done with the mix so the songs really had time to age and to settle which is a good thing but now it’s about time to get it out and to finish it.”

So when will people be able to get their hands on the finished product?

“It’s almost ready. I think in July it will need a few last tweaks and then we need to start planning the release, maybe autumn, maybe winter we’ll see” he laughed.

Given that the album is yet to be released it’s amazing that the group have had the opportunity to play so many concerts, they’ve played festivals in Scotland and have further sets booked at festivals in Germany, never mind a slot half way up the bill at Rock-A-Field and Philippe admitted that the support they’ve received so far did catch them by surprise.

“We were astonished about that. We thought that the name change would set us back in time and we’d need to work more to start the new band and to get slots in festivals and so on but people seem to trust us which is really cool. We just had one song on the internet and a few teasers and we hoped that would get us a few concerts but they just kept coming to us and we’re just happy with the trust people gave us.”

For more information on the band find them on Facebook or go to their website

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