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The fewer the more fun

The fewer the more fun

13.12.2013 From our online archive
With wife and oldest son away, Dan Franch organises six days of spat-free fun with his youngest boy. Less is more, as they say...

By Dan Franch

A golden opportunity. That’s what I’ve been presented with this week. Promotion? Raise? Stock tip? Winning lottery ticket? Some other lucrative boost?

All golden in their own way, but actually it’s none of the above. The opportunity I’m talking about has nothing to do with money. In fact, it can’t even be bought.

That’s because it’s time. This week I am alone with my younger son. I know I recently wrote about our weekly boy’s talk walks, but those are mini-excursions. What’s come up this week is six days of one on one time.

My wife’s gone. Our older son’s away on a school field trip. That means no menacing mom; no sibling spats. It’s just me and my younger guy in lovely little Luxembourg. It’s like an Extended Play record cranked “up to eleven” (thank you Spinal Tap).

I’m not the only one who’s been looking forward to these days. My son has been, too. He woke up on the first day of the fun festival and asked straightaway what the plan was for that night. I had to think fast; didn’t want to disappoint him by looking disorganized.

Hence, the program includes the Christmas Market, a movie, a play, making pizza, baking cookies, and of course chores, though somehow they won’t be such bores this week. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because there’s no place to hide. No one to blame or defer to. We’re alone, and we’re both counting on each other.

This alone time’s a rarity, really. In today’s busy world (a phrase probably used by my parents and their parents, too), it’s not easy to get some alone time with any family member. That’s because “From there to here, and from here to there, [life’s demands] are everywhere” to paraphrase Dr. Seuss.

That all changed this week. It’s a road trip where the other two are on the road far away from the Grand Duchy. “See ya’,” is all I have to say to that. More may be merrier, but for these next four days the fewer the more fun.

Dan Franch also co-writes bi-monthly comic strip Table Manners