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Top five stories you may have missed
News roundup

Top five stories you may have missed

In case you missed them, the Luxembourg Times has selected the best stories of the week for you
Talkwalker's Luxembourg offices in 2018
Talkwalker's Luxembourg offices in 2018
Photo credit: Gerry Huberty

Fresh round of job cuts hits Talkwalker, sources say  

Luxembourg's Talkwalker is letting staff go for the second time in six months, reshuffling management to deal with issues people familiar with the company say run deeper than the current headwinds hitting the global tech industry.  

Brussels plans to protect EU crown from 'hostile' Luxembourg  

Brussels is attempting to cement its position as the EU’s de facto capital and fend off any claims to the crown from Luxembourg, through a government strategy which plans to give the city’s European district a makeover and attract international employees by 2030.  

UK lawyers still shut out of Luxembourg after Brexit  

British lawyers are struggling to serve clients in Luxembourg, left in legal limbo two years after Brexit as the Grand Duchy’s parliament has yet to pass a law that would ease the almost total ban on working in the country.  

Fresh salads from Luxembourg's pioneering fish farm  

Two young Luxembourg entrepreneurs are aiming to change the country's eating and food production habits through an environmentally-friendly 'fish farm' which uses fish to grow vegetables and fruit  

Fighting back against crowds of crows in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is starting to strike back against the damage to property and human dignity from waste droppings the city's crows leave behind, by taking down some of the more than 1,000 nests where the birds congregate.  

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