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What Netflix has planned for Luxembourg

What Netflix has planned for Luxembourg

3 min. 28.07.2014 From our online archive
With the imminent arrival of Netflix in Luxembourg later this year, September in fact, the questions on everyone's lips are: what exactly will the service entail and how much will it cost?

(ADW) With the imminent arrival of Netflix in Luxembourg later this year, September in fact, the questions on everyone's lips are: what exactly will the service entail and how much will it cost?

It has to be said at this stage that specifics for Luxembourg are not fully available to the public but a spokesman for the 'internet TV network'  (as the service apparently should be called) when contacted by, revealed  that it is 'nearly certain' that the service will mimic those of other regions.

Two of the current Netflix regions highlighted were Brazil, as a multilingual region, and Scandinavia or Netherlands in regards to pricing.

Yes it will be in English!

For those wondering if the new Netflix service for Luxembourg will be in English, the answer is yes. The network in Brazil was held up as an example where both Portuguese and English can be selected. Once you choose the desired language, Netflix then tailors the content appropriately and indeed this is planned for Luxembourg. 

If any more proof be needed, the website - when accessed from the Grand Duchy and currently displaying “We'll be available in Luxembourg soon” - has a language selection at the bottom of the page in English, French and German.

Content on Netflix therefore will be similar to that offered by other regions especially the US, as 80 percent of the network's content is sourced out of the USA. The Netflix spokesman was keen to point out that the company was aiming for more and more exclusive content as well as “next day” availability for many shows screened in the US across all European services, which would include Luxembourg.

It must be said, however, that Netflix is an “internet TV network” and not a video on demand service. This means that the company has to abide by the same rules as normal TV networks where rights to broadcast are concerned. This means that Luxembourg will fall into a Benelux grouping of rights, which could mean slight variations from other regions.

However, Netflix also produces original content, proving very popular with subscribers. This includes such shows as House of Cards, Dusk til Dawn, Hemlock Grove, and prison series Orange is the New Black, which is said to have helped push worldwide subscribers over the 50 million mark. In these cases all Netflix services all over the world will have access to this original programming simultaneously.

How much will it cost?

While no official release of costing has been announced for Luxembourg, all other regions within the eurozone, have the same prices whether it be the Netherlands, Scandinavia or Ireland, so you can be pretty sure that the Grand Duchy will fall in line too.

These are...

7.99 euros per month – for Netflix on one device

8.99 euros per month – for Netflix on two screens

11.99 euros per month – for Netflix on up to four devices  

It is also known that when Netflix launches in Luxembourg, it will do so with a complete package, meaning no roll-out or build-up bundles.

“We are very pleased that we are about to experience a very big expansion of Netfilx into six new countries including Luxembourg,” stated Joris Evers of Netflix Corporate Communications in the Netherlands to, before explaining a three-point aim of the Netflix network: “We want to offer great things for people to watch, easy access via the internet and at affordable prices.”

Indeed, we are all awaiting Netflix in Luxembourg - many would say a much needed service in a country with a large international community - but what specific date will it launch? That still remains shrouded in mystery – all we currently know is September.

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