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Work on Adolphe bridge starts, again

Work on Adolphe bridge starts, again

by Maurice Fick and Kate Oglesby 04.03.2020 From our online archive
The construction was stopped three years ago to allow buses to use the bridge
Photo: Guy Jallay
Photo: Guy Jallay

Work on Luxembourg's Adolphe Bridge has begun, three years after it was temporarily halted to allow buses to pass over it.

The bridge connects Luxembourg City's Gare district to the centre of the city, crossing the Pétrusse Valley.

Work on the bridge, which also has a new footbridge suspended underneath it, ran for three years until 2017 so buses could start using it. But this was before the work to lay tram rails could be completed.

The work has now restarted as the buses have started taking a different route. It will see flexible extension joints inserted underneath the rails to allow them to expand under heat, something which could not be done in 2017 because this equipment was then not available.

"It is a structure that should have been laid before", said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Works. "It could not be done in 2017 for the reopening of the bridge because the parts were not yet produced.”

The works will have an extra cost, that will be added to the €63 million already spent on sprucing up the bridge - though not for taxpayers.

"This sum will be passed on to the company behind the delay in the parts and not at the expense of the State," added the spokesperson.

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