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Wrong-way driver intercepted on A13 motorway

Wrong-way driver intercepted on A13 motorway

17.01.2016 From our online archive
Luxembourg police had to partially close a motorway on Saturday to intercept a drink driver going the wrong way.
4.04.2014 luxembourg, ville, Polizei, Police Foto: Anouk Antony

Police intercepted a motorist driving the wrong way on a motorway in Luxembourg late on Saturday night.

The wrong-way driver was first spotted on the A13 headed for Saarbrücken close to the Schengen exit at around 11:30pm.

Access to the motorway was closed off at Hellange so that no other drivers would encounter the wrong-way driver.

Officers were then mobilised to the Frisange exit where they eventually intercepted the driver.

A subsequent breathalyser test found that the motorist was over the legal alcohol limit for driving.

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