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11 co-working spaces in Luxembourg
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11 co-working spaces in Luxembourg

by Sarita RAO 9 min. 25.02.2023
Artists, entrepreneurs, SMEs and freelancers wanting a collaborative community, business and legal support, or just a dynamic and eclectic workspace, can try these 11 co-working spaces
Co-working spaces encourage collaboration, exchange and an can be an incubator for creatives and business entrepreneurs alike
Co-working spaces encourage collaboration, exchange and an can be an incubator for creatives and business entrepreneurs alike
Photo credit: Chris Karaba

Why co-work when homeworking is so flexible? It’s true that many people prefer to avoid the commute in rush hour. But co-working is flexible, and you can commute outside of rush hour. 

It can give you a space to call an office, separate from your home environment, where you can focus your attention. It can also provide inspiration and a platform to bounce ideas off others (often self-employed persons or entrepreneurs in a similar position to you). In the best instances, it can forge alliances and partnerships.

If you’re in a creative profession as a writer, artist, photographer or musician, co-working spaces provide studios, showrooms and expertise.

With this in mind, we’ve selected 11 co-working spaces to try. The "who" highlights who the space is suited to or most often used by, and the "where" gives you a feel for locations and additional services. We've also provided costs. At the end of the article, some aggregator websites are listed that allow you to book a co-working space for the day or the week. 

If we've missed a new co-working space you use or own, let us know and we'll add it (must be located in Luxembourg). 

1.       Spaces

Who: Fast-growing start-ups that will need room for growth, SMEs or even companies looking for a Luxembourg hub.

Spaces Gare has seven floors of co-working space and meeting rooms
Spaces Gare has seven floors of co-working space and meeting rooms
Photo : Steve Eastwood

Where: Three addresses in town, the biggest at Gare, which has 6400 square metres naturally lit with great views from its offices, meeting rooms and co-working areas and cute, little, wooden working booths. The Gare location has 76 parking spots, whilst the one on Boulevard Royale has a rooftop terrace. The other in Gasperich has a coffee and sandwich bar.

Atmosphere: An office away from the office – perfect if  you want that corporate environment but with flexibility. 

Costs: €215 per month or €425 for a dedicated desk, and €55 per hour for meeting rooms.


2.       The Office

Who: Freelancers, start-ups or a new team looking for an office.

Where: Three co-working spaces in the city, the Charlotte office has a café and restaurant serving homemade dishes and cakes, and a bar for afterwork drinks, networking and socialising with your co-workers. 

The newest, next to Hamilius, is spacious and light with an integrated gym. The spaces use previously disused buildings, such as an old garage and an old library. 

Atmosphere: The power of togetherness as a catalyst for transformation. The Office has an open communication culture, passionate sharing, where creativity and kindness coexist.

Costs: Simple co-working is €190 a month, your own space €290.


3.       Urban Office

Who: Frontaliers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, or a meeting point/work space for employees located across the region.

Urban Office in Bettembourg makes the commute to work easier for French frontaliers
Urban Office in Bettembourg makes the commute to work easier for French frontaliers
Photo: Pierre Matgé

Where: Co-working spaces in Bettembourg and Esch/Belval (for commuters from France), Windhof (for commuters from Belgium) and Wecker (for commuters from Germany), plus one location in the city. Across all locations it has more than 4500sqm, with an unusual mix of styles - some informal, some mindful - and meeting rooms entitled Gatsby’s living room or Wall Street. You'll also have access to a pub serving organic beer and a kitchen for members to use. Most of the office spaces have funky décor, although the Windhof 1 office looks a tad tired and downmarket.

Atmosphere: Relaxed from less commuting.

Costs: A dedicated workspace, locker, access to meeting rooms, and use of a printer for €297 plus VAT. 


4.       Paladium Gare & Jardin Secret Bertrange

Who: Entrepreneurs and self-employed or even companies looking for remote office working places, with on-site business and growth advisors to support you setting up a company.

Where: A former warehouse near the Gare with 300sqm in a shabby chic design, or the more light and colourful open setting in Bertrange. You’ll get access to meeting rooms and free coffee, tea, cereal and mineral water and in the latter location, a secret garden complete with plant pots hanging from the ceiling and a catering service.

Atmosphere: Hard at work, but cosy and friendly.

Costs: €29 per day or €17,50 for a weekend day, €19 for a half day and €12 per evening. Meeting rooms are €30 per hour and monthly packages €300.  


5.       Silversquare

Who: Entrepreneurs, freelancers, those looking for regional offices.

Silversquare likes to keep it simple, and professional looking
Silversquare likes to keep it simple, and professional looking
Photo: Olivier Minaire

Where: A few minutes from Gare Centrale, 2,300sqm of co-working and business centre spread across five floors with a tropical flavour to its contemporary design. It has its own stage, catering, and free coffee, tea, and water. The benefit of Silversquare is that they have more co-working locations in the city and several other places across the world, if you travel a lot for your business or work.

Atmosphere: Community spirit meets colourful sofas.

Costs: €295 a month for a hot desk or €1,160 for a private office for two. Members pay €25 per day.


6.       Baumhaus

Who: Independent creators including freelancers and entrepreneurs, graphic designers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, fashion designers and painters. Baumhaus also has its own in-house creative agency for audio recordings, corporate design and video production, concerts, cultural events and exhibitions.

Where: 800sqm in Dommeldange, with a showroom, small cinema (hosts up to 40 people, with 200 inch screen), recording, photography and painting studios, plus a fully equipped kitchen. For the day-to-day there’s a maker space and meeting room.

Atmosphere: Open culture and collaborative community.

Costs: €25 per day, €100 per week, and €250 for monthly membership.


7.       Luxembourg City Incubator

Who: Freelancers, entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups, it features an on-site consultancy team of experts including marketeers, legal advisors, and coaches. You need to apply.

Where: 150 desks on the first floor of the Luxembourg House of Start-ups in the city. Scandinavian-style, laid out over 2000sqm, with a courtyard and free fresh fruit. Think wooden floors, lots of light and velvet sofas.

Atmosphere: Professional, personalised start-up support, with introductions to potential clients/partners and innovation at its heart.

Costs: €300 for a hot desk, €375 for a dedicated desk and €425 for your own office.


8.       Maison Breedewee

Who: Hosting events based on themes such as travel, food or art, with access to help with accounts and company set up. A perfect place for established entrepreneurs and newbies in the lifestyle sector.

Where: Another city-based business club and workspace (550sqm), with a classy feel and views of the Grund from the terrace of its 16th century building. If you’re not sure about the Einstein wall portrait (complete with tongue), co-working spaces and meeting rooms are tastefully finished in neutral colours with plenty of light. 

Atmosphere: With only an annual subscription, people are in it for the long-term – great for advice and networking.

Costs:€1000 for annual membership and access to communal spaces, discounts on events and five hours per month of meeting room time. Pay an extra €200 for a dedicated desk.


9.       1535° Creative Hub

Who: A creative hub with a shared expertise community for freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs, particularly in the areas of architecture, crafts, design, media, music and visual arts.

1535° Creative Hub in Differdange is home to many creative start-ups and SMEs
1535° Creative Hub in Differdange is home to many creative start-ups and SMEs
Photo:LW Archives

Where: 16000sqm in Differdange in three buildings, with offices, creative workshops, a 200sqm conference room, and a multipurpose hangar for rehearsals, audio-visual space and performing arts, plus recording rooms with equipment.

Atmosphere: Gritty urban industrial feel, don’t come if you want to be alone.

Costs: Rates not provided online.


10.   Regus

Who: Any freelancers, entrepreneurs or business people and project teams that need to be fluid on where they’re based, and using the app, you can hot-desk from any of the eight city locations.

Where: Four locations in the city centre, three in Kirchberg, one near Bettembourg, one near the airport, one in Bertrange and one in Leudelange. They all have that “office” feel in terms of bland desks, furniture and lighting, but that might be what you want.

Atmosphere: Probably the closest looking to a corporate HQ, but with opportunities to network and collaborate.

Costs: €79 a month will buy you a hot desk for some days and access to the lounge, printer, and copier, but €215 gives you access to an office and the receptionist too. Membership can be for so many days per month.


11.   Gingko

Who: Working with clients on a project, relocating a business, or need to put a team together  – this is probably for you.  IT and business support is available too. 

Where: Four locations in the city and one at Belval and a total of 9000sqm. The Avenue has four floors including spaces for nomadic co-working, sharing mode and unexpected mode. In Limpertsberg, the space has a kitchen, fitness area and expresso bar. 

Atmosphere: Clean, classy and functional, but you won’t find a Play Station or zen garden.

Costs: From €5 per hour


Looking for a space just for the day or week?

These aggregator sites will tell you what co-working spaces are available and how much they will cost you. 

Other spaces

Colour business centre (Bertrange)

Mama Works at Mama Shelter (Kirchberg)

Foundry (Luxembourg City)

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