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Want to expand your professional network?

Want to expand your professional network?

by Sarita RAO 5 min. 30.05.2022 From our online archive
Networking events are back on the agenda again, so where can you go to meet potential employers or likeminded professionals?
Networking has helped many entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground, and professionals to rise up the career ladder
Networking has helped many entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground, and professionals to rise up the career ladder
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The pandemic put in-person events on hold, making it harder to cement new professional connections. Although online events continued, networking via zoom was not ideal - you can't read body language, nor have a one-to-one conversation. 

Thankfully a number of networking groups have recommenced with in-person talks, workshops and gatherings. This article covers why you should network, how you should approach events, and where to build your network in Luxembourg and the greater region.

Why network?

Daunting though it might seem to enter a room of people you have never met, introduce yourself, and start talking, most high-flying professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives will tell you that it was their networks that gave them the best boost in either personal development or career and business success.

Building a personal network is easy today with social media, and plenty of forums to ask questions. It’s trickier building a professional or business one, but not impossible, although you must be committed to interacting, exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and communicating regularly.

Do’s and don’ts of networking

Do bring a contact card with your name, telephone and email. Scrabbling around for paper to scribble your details on will not give the right impression.

Don’t make networking an exercise in self-promotion of yourself or your business. It’s a turn off. Far better to build a two-way relationship with someone.

Do think about your body language and what signals you might give. Folded arms or scrolling through your phone won’t make you approachable.

Don’t worry if you only talk to one or two people, it’s not about circulating, it’s more important to make the right contacts and cement them.

Do approach someone different, chatting with someone you already know isn’t really the point of networking.

Do know what you want to talk about, and perhaps prepare an elevator pitch. Think about your core values, so you can communicate them succinctly.

Don’t pitch and run. People will remember you for being rude rather than what you said.

Do listen to others and interact. Come with some prepared icebreakers or try to find common ground in conversations.

Where can I network?

TEDx Luxembourg City organises regular group discussions and larger events
TEDx Luxembourg City organises regular group discussions and larger events
Photo: LT Archives

To start, check websites such as Eventbrite’s networking section which lists everything from business, social, nature, science and sustainability – and pick and choose what you want to attend.

If you’re unsure of where to start, go along to a TEDx Luxembourg City talk. The next one is on technology education design, but they also host regular group discussions.

Business networks

Entrepreneurs in particular should look out for networking events or regular meet ups. The Luxembourg House of Fintech has a regular Fintech Friday session, whilst the House of Entrepreneurship holds recurrent online and in-person workshops on every aspect of starting or running a business.

FEDIL, the business federation of Luxembourg hosts regular roundtables for professionals working in HR. If you belong to a professional association, check if they run regular after-work meet ups. 

The Enterprise Europe Network holds matchmaking and pitch events in Luxembourg and the greater region.

Moovijob organises a number of job fairs for those with experience or those just starting out, and numerous networking events. There will be a job and networking evening for IT and Finance at Neumunster Abbey on 31 May and a career development fair in November. Whilst not explicitly for networking, they do give you a chance to connect with potential employers and meet other peers in your profession.

B2Fair – Business to Fairs concept promotes business cooperation and exchange through trade fairs and matchmaking, or even brokering business meetings in some cases. You can find out what they are organising on their Facebook page.  The University of Luxembourg also organises a number of events and conferences that provide an ideal platform for some networking.

Meetup has a Luxembourg Networking Group that seeks to promote better networks regardless of profession, and regularly organises events and workshops. Business magazine Paperjam also organises informal events for 50-80 people as part of its Networking Circle. Aperinetwork organises events at restaurants, bars, co-working spaces or sports clubs on a regular basis.

Women’s networks

The Network was established some 30 years ago as an English-speaking multicultural organisation that promotes the development and advancement of women working in professions in Luxembourg. An annual membership costs €60 and will get you free entry into events. Recent sessions have included one on financial empowerment with the Luxembourg Business School, and another on role models with Amazon.

The Creme Ladies Club Luxembourg organises regular networking dinners and brunches, many on the topic of starting your own business. They’re an ideal way to glean advice or talk through business blocks with other experienced professionals.

The non-profit Women in Business is an independent professional association that brings together businesswomen, via networking at all levels from CEOs and managers to small business owners. Many of the events are sporting (tennis or golf) but there are also social and cultural events.

Chambers of Commerce

Luxembourg is lucky to have quite a few Chambers of Commerce – America, Britain, Ireland, India, New Zealand, and the list goes on. Most organise regular events often on specific business topics, which offer an ideal opportunity to learn something new, and meet or network with people outside of your usual sphere. Often events are free of charge.

Co-working spaces are often networking hothouses for those starting up a business.
Co-working spaces are often networking hothouses for those starting up a business.
Photo: Gerry Huberty

The British Chamber of Commerce has an event on “self-leadership in disruptive times” in June, whilst the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce has an online workshop on how to start your web shop, and is sponsoring the Spring ICT matchmaking event from 30 June to 1 July, together with the Enterprise Europe Network.

Co-working spaces are a great place to build networking into your weekly routine and have resulted in many partnerships. The 1535° Creative Hub, Wishbox, The Office, Silversquare, Bamhaus, and Urban office are a few places to consider. House 17 organises regular networking lunches or aperitif hours for members, and Regus sometimes hosts after-work networking drinks in its shared office and meeting spaces.

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