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Corporate taxpayers: get your copy of EY’s Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide

Corporate taxpayers: get your copy of EY’s Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide

EY has recently released its flagship tax publication, the “Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide 2021”, a guide summarizing the corporate tax systems in more than 160 jurisdictions – an essential for every taxpayer.
Bart van Droogenbroek, Partner, Tax Leader, EY Luxembourg
Bart van Droogenbroek, Partner, Tax Leader, EY Luxembourg
Photo credit: EY Luxembourg
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Governments worldwide continue to reform their tax codes at a historically rapid rate. Taxpayers need a current guide, such as the Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide to constantly stay up to date in such a shifting tax landscape, especially when contemplating new markets.

This guide is the perfect tool for taxpayers operating in an ever-changing environment, especially when they are working on multinational projects and in diverse markets. No matter if it is for a quick confirmation of a corporate tax rate, or information on foreign-exchange controls in another country, the Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide has it all: an at-a-glance summary at the beginning of each country chapter, and a more extensive and comprehensive section with information on the various tax topics that are relevant to taxpayers in a concise way.

“The tax landscape has become increasingly complex and is continuously evolving. It is therefore essential for taxpayers to be aware of the latest changes in tax matters around the world. With the straightforward content of the EY Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide and information on significant tax developments around the globe with EY’s Global Tax Alert library, taxpayers are best prepared to face these challenging times”, adds Bart van Droogenbroek, Partner, Tax Leader at EY Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg chapter covers taxes on corporate income, capital gains and net wealth. It explains how trading income is determined and provides information on various other matters such as foreign-exchange controls, debt-to-equity rules, transfer pricing, tax credits and special regimes available in Luxembourg. This 2021 edition also includes the newest tax rules and provisions that are applicable as of 1 January 2021, such as the levy due from certain investment vehicles on income derived from real estate located in Luxembourg, or the provisions disallowing, under certain circumstances, the deduction of interest and royalties owed by Luxembourg corporate taxpayers to associated enterprises that are corporations established in EU-listed non-cooperative jurisdictions.

The Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide has definitely become a staple tax handbook for taxpayers over the last years and has become EY’s most popular tax publication.

The guide is updated on a yearly basis and can be downloaded for free on EY Luxembourg’s website.