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Do you have sufficient insurance cover?
La Luxembourgeoise

Do you have sufficient insurance cover?

No doubt you are subscribed to some insurance policies, but are you sufficiently well covered? How could you tell if it weren’t? Here are the nine commandments for being perfectly insured.
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1.      Choose an insurer that clients know,with agents to assist you

LALUX was Luxembourg’s very first insurance company, founded in 1920. Today, the LALUX Group is one of the country's key financial players, bringing to bear more than 100 years of expertise to offer a range of insurance services: non-life, life, health and construction. Market research by ourselves and others confirms our position as market leader for customer satisfaction.

2.      Benefit from an agent’s expertise

Your agent will be an expert in their field who understands their products, which enables them to give you careful advice on which insurance policies to choose according to your needs and personal situation. If there is a claim, LALUX agents will help you with the procedures and the follow up to make your life easier.

3.       Drive with peace of mind

Is your car brand new? An ultra-complete fully-comprehensive policy – such as the Performance option of easyPROTECT Auto from LALUX Assurances – guarantees that the replacement value will be completely reimbursed if your car is stolen, destroyed or deemed irreparable during the first three years of ownership. Your belongings – be they damaged or stolen from your car – are also insured via "Luggage and Personal Effects" cover.

In the event of an at-fault accident, your bonus is protected with the Performance formula. This means that there would be no increase in the premium for material damage to your vehicle!

4.      Ensure your home is insured properly!

Check with your insurance agent that your house is valued correctly, as this is key to avoiding being under-insured. Similarly, check that the sum you have insured for your furniture is correct. You might have recently renewed your kitchen, for example, so this should be taken into account. You’ll thank yourself if the worst happens, such as if you have to make a claim after a fire or a burglary.

5.      Cover yourself against mischief caused by your child or dog

Your child, your dog or any other family member might accidentally cause damage to property or injure someone. Our Family Civil Liability policy will protect you against the financial consequences of replacing broken items and having to pay compensation.

You should consider taking out this cover alongside your easyPROTECT Home policy. Although it is not compulsory in Luxembourg, it is strongly recommended and most residents subscribe. If you already have Family Liability insurance with LALUX, your children are automatically covered even if a new baby arrives, for example.

6.      Protect yourself against accidents

The easyPROTECT Accident policy covers everyday misfortunes that can profoundly affect your life and that of your loved ones, be it through disability, death, loss of income, etc. This can be when you are travelling, when doing DIY or housework, on holiday, when playing sports, and even, if you choose, when at work.

7.      Look after you and your family’s health

Many medical treatments are not or only partially covered by Luxembourg’s state health insurance fund. This is why it is important to take out supplementary health insurance, such as that offered by DKV Luxembourg, a member of the LALUX Group. EASY HEALTH insurance ensures you will receive first class hospital care, as well as coverage of complementary care such as osteopathy, as well as dental treatment and optician costs.

The TRAVEL⁺ policy also gives coverage abroad, as well as the exclusive BEST CARE⁺ service, which guarantees you immediate assistance in the event of serious illness. These benefits are integrated free of charge into EASY HEALTH.

8.      Prepare for your children's future

LALUX life insurance policies help you plan for your children's future; providing them with a financial package at a specific point in their lives. In the event of the death of one of the parents, a lump sum is guaranteed without full payment of the premium. In addition, family insurance is tax-deductible!

9.       Preparing for your retirement early, and reduce your income tax bill every year

Taking out a private pension is essential if you wish to maintain your standard of living when you retire. Although your retirement may seem a long way off, preparing for it early in your life has a short-term advantage as you can write off premiums against your income tax. Calculate your tax savings now with easyLIFE Pension!