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Effective health-care protection has never been so important

Effective health-care protection has never been so important

Luxembourg has one of the best health-care systems in the world
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Yet even here, some medical services and products are not fully reimbursed, most notably dental and optical care.

 Supplementary health insurance: what you need to know

 The cost of some important, expensive treatments, such as laser eye surgery and orthodontic treatment, are only partially or not at all covered by the state National Health Fund (CNS).

 To increase coverage you can take out supplementary health insurance.

 DKV Luxembourg, a member of the LALUX Group, offers different formulas depending on your needs and how you live. EASY HEALTH is the complete formula with numerous advantages.

 EASY HEALTH - optimal protection 

EASY HEALTH is the supplementary health insurance offering from DKV Luxembourg. It comes into play where the basic state insurance scheme cover none or only part of the costs. This includes so-called "first class" hospital care, a daily hospitalisation allowance (that you receive even when being treated abroad), treatment by the most senior doctors, physiotherapy, alternative treatments, and advanced dental care. This includes costs for sophisticated treatment for your sight, including laser eye surgery (which is covered up to €3,000).

 Immediate help in case of emergency

 EASY HEALTH’s  Best Care⁺   PREMIUM service guarantees rapid medical assistance in the event of serious illness. DKV Luxembourg thus ensures you will have an appointment with a specialist within five working days. You will also get a second opinion and a detailed recommendation for any necessary further treatment. If an operation is required, the insurance will take care of the organisation.

Health cover for all your trips abroad

 DKV Luxembourg also offers TRAVEL⁺: health protection for all your trips in Europe and around the world. In case of accident or illness when abroad, EASY HEALTH covers your treatment costs, including medical examinations, medication, hospitalisation, operations and, dental treatment and, if necessary, the cost being brought home. What's more, you are even covered for accidents on the ski slopes.

The need for private health insurance is necessary to protect you against incurring some very high costs. Health is the most precious human good, so why not offer yourself the best possible access to medical care.

 For more information on EASY HEALTH please click here.