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Enjoy life with a light mind!

Enjoy life with a light mind!

Living life to the fullest and without worries while protecting your family is essential.
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Unfortunately, an accident is one of the risks of everyday life that anyone can experience and often rhymes with financial constraints and deadlocks: disability, rehabilitation program, psychological support, loss of income, recourse to support persons, etc.

The easyPROTECT Accident insurance covers everyday accidents that can profoundly disrupt your life and that of your loved ones (disability, death, loss of income...) occurring during your travels, your do-it-yourself activities, your housework, your hobbies, vacations, sports, and even your professional activities if you wish.

Even occasionally practiced extreme sports (diving, bungee jumping, skydiving) are covered. For those who practice them more often, a year-round extension of coverage is also possible.

Depending on your needs, LALUX offers two formulas:

  • easyPROTECT Accident Comfort is the lump-sum plan that compensates you based on a predefined sum insured. It protects you in case of permanent disability, in case of death, and reimburses your medical expenses up to €2,500.
  • easyPROTECT Accident Performance is the indemnity formula that covers your actual damages, considering your age, your personal situation, and your level of disability (bodily and economic damages, aesthetic, moral and pleasure damages). This formula is particularly suitable if you have a high level of professional responsibilities, if you are self-employed or if your activity would be impossible to carry out following the slightest accident (restaurant owner, garage owner, musician, model, etc.).

To ensure that your entire household is protected, the "family" plan covers all children residing at the same address up to the age of 18 (27 in case of extended studies) at a single rate, regardless of their number. You can customize your insurance to fit your family situation.

In addition, you are covered year-round in Luxembourg and in Europe, and you benefit from a territorial scope that applies worldwide for any stay up to 3 months.

Finally, the Home Care Services option of easyPROTECT Accident provides a wide range of services that can make your life easier after an accident: domestic help, medical care, childcare, pet care, psychological support, remedial education, taxi transport.

Did you know? Your easyPROTECT Accident insurance premiums are tax-deductible as special expenses (Article 111. max EUR 672 per year).