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Filing your income tax return: Easy as pie with

Filing your income tax return: Easy as pie with

A few clicks, take one or two photos and that's it: filing your tax return has never been easier than with
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This secure website is designed for residents as well as cross-border commuters, and allows you to complete a simplified online form that is totally adapted to your profile.

A chaotic mess of figures, boxes to tick, fields to fill in and, above all, the worry of forgetting something... Declaring your income can be a real headache. “I studied economics for five years and yet I was completely lost when it came to filing my tax return. I told myself that I was certainly not the only one in this situation and that something could be done to change that”, recalls Patrick Malget, who in 2018, founded with two associates. They created a secure website that allows absolutely anyone to file their tax return entirely online and in just a few clicks. Designed for both residents and cross-border commuters, provides forms adapted to each individual situation, available in English, French, German, and Luxembourgish. is currently the only platform offering an English version of the declaration.

Automatic data entry and Auto Scan function

This alternative to the usual twenty-page form has the advantage of making taxation easy for everyone, saving users a considerable amount of time. By uploading a previous declaration to the platform, certain information can be filled in automatically. Any missing data can then be entered into clearly defined fields or submitted by answering easily understandable multiple choice questions. Some sections prompt users to declare expenses that many people are unware are tax-deductible.

Since efficiency is a prime concern, has gone so far as to develop a mobile application that allows taxpayers to complete their declarations by simply taking photos of the necessary documents with their phone. “Tax certificates can be uploaded in PDF format on a computer or sent directly from a mobile. All you have to do is download our app ‘ Scannerfeaturing the Auto Scan function and take a photo of the paper document. It will then be transferred to and the information will be automatically imported into the tax return”, Patrick added.

A ready-to-use tax declaration

Throughout the process, makes sure to anticipate and answer any questions that may arise. There are explanatory videos and a well-documented FAQ section, but above all, there is a responsive chatroom run “by real tax experts not by robots”. Once all the information has been filled in, the website immediately calculates the amount of tax to be reclaimed or paid. Up to this point, the service is free of charge. “Using this information, it will be easier to check the Tax Administration’s statement. In its four years of existence, the platform has already allowed a total of 52 million euros to be refunded to more than 40,000 users. And 80% of them use again the following year.” For a fee of 50 euros – which is considerably less than tax accountants charge – you can simply download your tax return and forward it to the authorities by post or via

Analysing the tax optimisation potential

The website also offers the advantage of automatically calculating the user’s tax optimisation potential by generating an “Opti-Score” ranging from 0 to 100. “Based on the user’s profile, we simulate the savings made by investing in tax optimisation products, such as life insurance, pension plans or a home savings plan. Users may then subscribe to these products directly online”, Patrick added. He positions as a clear reference point in the field of taxation. Moreover, the company has recently acquired the rights to the book “La déclaration d'impôt facile”: a definitive user’s guide for taxpayers in Luxembourg. The book, published by Editions Ernster, has been updated and simplified and is now available in bookshops.

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