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How to register your car in Luxembourg

How to register your car in Luxembourg

Have you just moved to Luxembourg? Welcome to the Grand Duchy! Part of the settling-in period is registering your car with the authorities. It's not hard to do, particularly if you are well prepared for the five-step process we describe below.
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Get your yellow number plates!

If your vehicle is registered in the country you have moved from, you have six months after you arrive to complete the reregistration formalities. If you buy a new or second-hand car you are not permitted to drive it until it is registered, so do this as soon as possible.

 Step 1: First of all, apply for a registration number (“numéro d’immatriculation"), also known as your yellow number plates. Whether you opt for a standard number (which currently consists of 2 letters and 4 digits), or a personalised plate, every application for a registration number is made via the state’s online portal MyGuichet. If you prefer, you can also apply for this number using this form, then email it to The processing time is usually one or two days.

 Step 2: You receive the plate number assigned to your vehicle by post. With this letter, you will be asked to pay the €50 "Droit de chancellerie" virtual tax stamp which will complete the number reservation processes.

You need your "green card" (international motor insurance card)

Step 3: In Luxembourg, each vehicle must have at least third-party liability insurance, covering personal injury and material damage to third parties. Please note, this insurance does not cover damage to your vehicle nor your person. You should choose an experienced insurance company such as LALUX Assurances and ask about the insurance solutions that meet your personal needs.

Don't be surprised if the international motor insurance card is referred to as a "green card", as in the past these insurance certificates had to be printed on green paper. However, insurance companies can now issue these in black and white since January 2021, even if the term "green card" is still widely used. 


Step 4: Now you have your registration number and your green card, you need to assemble the documents to register your vehicle with the relevant authority: the SNCA (Société nationale de circulation automobile). This file must include:

  • A valid identity document
  • The application for a registration certificate form, completed and signed
  • Proof of payment of the chancery fees (droits de chancellerie) tax
  • The original invoice or the original sales contract
  • When purchasing a used car: the registration certificate parts 1 and 2 (grey card and yellow duplicate) of the previous owner
  • The “green card
  • The "705" certificate that you obtain from customs if you imported your vehicle
  • The European certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer when the vehicle was first purchased
  • A photo of the manufacturer's plate. The location of this on your car is indicated in the European certificate of conformity

 This file should either be sent by post or handed in at the SNCA reception. To avoid queuing you can make an appointment online.

Step 5: Once the file is complete and in order, you will receive a registration certificate and thus the authorisation to drive. All that remains is for you to have your numberplates made by an approved manufacturer. Depending on the service provider, the plates can be ready within 12 to 48 hours.

Bonne route!

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