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How to study without stress?

How to study without stress?

Are you planning to become a student or apprentice? To ensure you can work with peace of mind, LALUX has developed a unique insurance package of comprehensive protection for your needs.
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Comprehensive protection for students and apprentices

Leaving home to study abroad can be a challenge. After the euphoria of passing exams, comes a time for reflection and careful planning as the final decisions are made regarding university and course options, finding the right accommodation, and making new friends in an international environment. Then comes the challenge of managing daily life: paying bills, household chores, dealing with internet connection problems...

To fully embrace this exciting new period of life it helps if there has been some careful planning to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as those related to finances or housing. LALUX has developed a flexible insurance solution that gives students and their parents peace of mind.

Don't be surprised by the unexpected

Students are not always instantly aware the administrative procedures they need to follow in their new country of study. What to do if a tooth starts to ache, or there is an unexpected illness or injury? How to pay for the necessary medical consultations, medication or even hospitalisation? Or what about if your laptop breaks down just days before an important deadline? How would you cope if your smartphone is stolen?

The easyPROTECT Discover policy from LALUX is specially designed for students and apprentices under 27 years of age who are studying anywhere in Europe. The premium starts at €2.56 per month and provides basic cover for private liability, as well as protection for the home against water and fire damage, glass breakage and damage to furniture. Such cover is mandatory in some countries before a room can be rented.

Comprehensive international cover

Optional cover can be added to this basic policy. This can include worldwide protection of ICT equipment (laptops, smartphones, etc.) against breakage and theft. Additional medical cover could be useful in countries where public schemes only pay part of the costs of medical and dental care. Serious illness or death of the student or a parent may necessitate early withdrawal from studies. In this case, tuition fees can be recovered. Similarly, such an emergency will incur repatriation costs, which are also covered by easyPROTECT Discover. The full package costs €26 per month, with price reductions for parents who are already LALUX customers.

If the student is lucky enough to spend a semester of their studies on another continent, IT and medical cover can be extended beyond Europe for a limited period.

This insurance offer for students and apprentices has been available from LALUX since 2017. It is the first and only all-in-one solution of its type in the Grand Duchy.

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