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Luxembourg - the talents’ incubator

Luxembourg - the talents’ incubator

Demand for more Private Equity and Venture Capital talents leads up to dedicated international job fair.
 Evi Gkini | Business Development & Project Manager | LPEA – Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association
Evi Gkini | Business Development & Project Manager | LPEA – Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association
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According to Invest Europe’s ‘Private Equity at Work’ report, by the end of 2020, portfolio companies of Private Equity and Venture Capital funds employed 9.9 million people across Europe. This number represents 4.3% of the total European workforce and says a lot about the support of the private equity and venture capital sector to businesses and workers through the COVID-19 Crisis.

At the same time, according to the 2021 Global Talent Competitiveness Index, Luxembourg ranks 1st in the world for its ability to attract talents and is also a top performer in retaining talents due to social stability, high salaries and pension system.

The Private Equity sector in Luxembourg is booming and the need for talents is becoming the number one priority for the local players. During March 2022 we spotted more than 1400 Luxembourg-based vacancies related to private equity, an almost 9% increase from a year ago.

The ‘hunt’ for talents is something we have been observing for some time and led us to host the very first Job Fair exclusively dedicated to career opportunities in the Private Equity and Venture Capital sector.

The initial idea is of course to put in touch talents (students, young graduates as well as already experienced profiles) interested in this industry with their potential future employers, local and international firms leading the fast-growing private equity sector and one of the most dynamic vectors of the financial centre. Luxembourg is a pole of attraction and an increasing amount of people hail from abroad, acquire new skills and start or reshape their career path in the country.

Furthermore, we try to paint a picture of Luxembourg to people that never had the opportunity to visit the country or to get to know what it has to offer to new professionals joining our community. Through various discussions, candidates discovered how the sector works, what the employers are looking for, how they can stand out on the market as well as ask questions regarding the different firms’ recruitment processes and benefits.

Since March last year, more than 650 candidates participated in the three Job Fairs that took place - always in a digital format. This online aspect makes it particularly interesting for people from outside Luxembourg, a group representing approximately 65% of participants. We had the opportunity to host people from more than 20 different countries with a strong focus in Europe and to meet some of them in person after their successful recruitment.

It is a big challenge to attract new professionals to Luxembourg but a very rewarding one when we see these candidates evolving from the recruitment day to signing a contract in just a few weeks or months and land in Luxembourg as a ‘new generation’ for our industry.

Talent attraction and retention is a hot topic in the sector these days and a personal decision as well. It makes it easier that Luxembourg is one of the easiest countries to arrive in and to start/shift/boost a career in finance. Above all, it is a place that gives you the opportunity to grow personally, to create your network, and to catapult your career.

The next PE/VC Job Fair will take place in November. In the meanwhile interested parties can follow the association’s Career section in the LPEA website.