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MVGM: Team spirit, boosting client service
Real Estate

MVGM: Team spirit, boosting client service

Real estate is all about transactions, and these are represented by numbers. For this reason, at MVGM Luxembourg the Real Estate & Corporate Accounting department is regarded as the team’s engine.
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Yet it doesn’t take long to see that they understand the human element behind financial dealings. Just spend a few minutes in the company of Christelle Lebrun and her team, and you will understand that they live out the group's motto: “Passion for People and Property.”

A united team

Peoples’ livelihoods are represented by the figures the accounting department deals with daily. This is a team of two men and two women aged between 27 and 52, who enjoy the gender balance and generational diversity of their team. There are also shared interests, with Florent and Loïc both having a passion for football and music, while Christelle and Sandrine enjoy travelling and cooking. But this in itself does not explain their team’s chemistry. That these four are a united and efficient group is down to their individual personalities, with each willing and able to do what it takes to reach their collective goals.

Loïc, a cerebral team player

Although he is the youngest member of the department and is the most recent arrival, Loïc is not a beginner. Well versed in corporate accounting, he is the one Christelle will turn to when needed, and she sees a bright future for him. This suits Loïc. He is keen to try new things and is happy to explore a branch of accounting that he did not know before. He is the persevering type who likes to get to the bottom of problems and find answers for clients. As well, the team can rely on him to get to know those key IT systems that baffle everyone else.

He is a tenacious young man, who dreamed of completing his Business and Administration Management course with specialist training in human resources. In the world of real estate accounting he has found something to satisfy his desire to build relationships and offer customer service.

Sandrine: a taste for something different

It was in Portugal - the country of her ancestors - that this 43-year-old (who never stops learning) became familiar with asset management. After a bachelor's degree in accounting and early work experience in the fiduciary sector, she moved to Luxembourg in search of a more comfortable life. Starting as a cleaner, Sandrine worked her way up to a position of operations manager in charge of 400 people. 

The demands she makes of herself contributed to her meteoric rise. "This is a role that has taught me rigour, but also the ability to adapt to almost any situation," she said. This lively woman takes everything in her stride, and loves nothing better than to cook hearty meals, as well as giving a helping hand to the most disadvantaged in our society. Little surprise then, that what she likes most about her department is the supportiveness of the team ethic.

Florent, the “Old Testament”

Florent’s nickname was given to him by the CEO. Previously, he was ten years with JLL before joining MVGM in their Leudelange offices. This experience coupled with him coming from a family of accountants contributes to his status as office patriarch. But although this boss calls him “The Bible” he also has a sense of fun, demonstrated by his love of Marvel comics. Nevertheless, he is serious about his career. After having started his professional life at an early age, being immersed in real estate from the start after joining a notary's office where he couldn’t but help acquire a good grounding in law.

Florent has faced his share of tough professional moments, such as during the Covid crisis when he had to manage sensitive situations and conflicts between landlords and tenants. Yet it is challenges such as these that motivates him, as he enjoys tackling new problems and sharing his knowledge.

Christelle: a focus on excellence

In the accountancy family, ask for mother! Christelle embodies this role for the team of four, keeping them in perfect harmony. This first-among-equals keeps a close eye on things as a thoughtful, protective manager. She is in charge of MVGM's financial and corporate accounting, as well as supervising and managing her three employees who share the work running the real estate portfolio. It's not an easy task! But this energetic 52-year-old (who all the same likes a grumble) makes sure to speak her mind, but in such a gentle fashion that her team is keen to follow her lead.

Her ambition is about giving customers full satisfaction, delivered though a well-oiled organisation. Christelle knows what she needs to deliver reliable expense statements and compliant, detailed reports. Procedures, routines and double checks are carried out using strong team spirit and collaborative effort. The future looks bright for the team, because Loïc, Sandrine, Florent and Christelle love working together and wouldn't change their jobs for anything.