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Orange revitalises used mobile phones!

Orange revitalises used mobile phones!

Protect the planet by recycling your phone
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31 January will be a special day for Orange Luxembourg. It will mark the launch of its new "re" programme, which is the latest aspect of the eco-responsible approach they adopted many years ago. The mobile operator is taking a range of measures to meet its environmental commitments, with one of the most significant being its plans to collect and recondition used phones.

 A question of basic common sense

As the pace of technological change increases, the lifecycles of our connected objects are decreasing. The biggest victim of this perpetual progress being our mobile phones. As they become obsolete, they start to pile up in our cupboards, in our boxes and at the bottom of our drawers or are simply thrown away.

This is a huge waste, as many components remain functional and readily recyclable. Luxembourg operator Orange is keen to spread the word and contribute to environmental sustainability and protection.

More than 6,000 telephones have been recovered and recycled to date by Orange, and they want to amplify this commitment by continuing to raise awareness of eco-responsibility to the Luxembourg public. This is part of the firm’s desire to act responsibly, to encourage respect for the planet and the Grand Duchy.

The fact that a repaired mobile phone saves no less than 5kg of CO2 underlines the importance of giving a second life to one's old devices as this contributes directly to the preservation and safeguarding of our ecosystem.

For all these reasons, Orange Luxembourg has decided to make a firm commitment against waste and pollution of all kinds.

 "re' to the power of 4, as in...

Redeem - Taking back its customers' mobiles at the best price on the market, demonstrates that Orange Luxembourg is a loyal partner. Once the devices have been evaluated, users will receive a voucher worth up to €700 off the purchase of a new high-performance 5G smartphone.

Recondition - By refurbishing these mobiles, Orange gives them a second life to the benefit of customers seeking a suitable device at a lower cost. This comes alongside limiting environmental impact.

Recycle – Natural resources are preserved when Orange recovers reusable parts (connectors, LCD screens, microphones, screws and speakers) and rare metals.

Repair – Orange listens to customers who visit its shops. Specialised expert staff help to solve problems with batteries, broken screens, and any other issues.

Furthermore, Orange Luxembourg works to facilitate universal digital accessibility. The staff in their eleven shops in the Grand Duchy do their best to guide and inform, particularly regarding tricky digital operations such as data transfer or the installation of applications.