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Private Equity training, a driver for new talents

Private Equity training, a driver for new talents

Private Equity training promotes mobility in the financial sector and qualifies new talents to work in the fast-growing Luxembourg alternative funds industry.
Evi Gkini Business Development & Project Manager
Evi Gkini Business Development & Project Manager
Photo credit: Photo: LPEA
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Luxembourg is a very attractive country for people working in the financial sector. The alternative investments industry and more specifically Private Equity/Venture Capital (“PE/VC”) have been among those growing the fastest and as such is in constant need of talents. Professionals usually come from the financial industry, other sectors as well as abroad thank to companies welcoming newcomers on an everyday basis.

The regular on-boarding of new staff brings new challenges - for example a growing need for specialised training in alternative investments and notably in PE and VC. The challenge applies both to companies which need the right skill set to operate and to individuals who seek appropriate training in order to improve their knowledge and advance their career.

In recent years, we spotted this need in the LPEA team as well. Each of us can look for different trainings in various areas which we believe will add value to our work and which of course include courses dedicated to our own sector. According to Maria Rizescu, PE Financial auditor at EY Luxembourg, “it becomes challenging to stay ‘on top of the game’ individually, that is why we rely on all the training we can get”.

The Private Equity Academy

Due to this demand we developed an association-driven program, an entire Academy designed to our community as the main target group - especially knowing that many of the association members would take the challenge to share their expertise, knowledge with lots of passion and engagement.

As with every crisis, the pandemic was a period of challenges and opportunities. It was the first lockdown which ”inspired” us to implement the very first digital LPEA Academy. The online format worked well and allowed us to share the Luxembourg expertise with the local professionals and to enlarge it to a more international audience. In a way, it could be seen as a good preparation for those willing to move to Luxembourg and work here. For companies, it also validates the candidates’ knowledge of the Luxembourg operating framework (toolbox, structuring and actors).

Peer recognition

Extra value to this initiative was added due to the accreditation by the Ministry of Education as well as becoming a member of the “Lifelong learning” network and of the CPD Certification Service (Continuing Professional Development and points). However, for a trade association, recognition comes in first place by the financial centre practitioners. Anja Grenner, Head of Sales Fund Services in TMF Luxembourg, recognises that trainings “organized by LPEA and provided by skilled professionals that both understand the Luxembourg alternative investment fund practice and what the audience needs to know, is a valuable ingredient to make Luxembourg the place for Private Equity’’. 

Mix of skills

With the 4th edition of the Academy coming up in March, the 10-module program was adapted to combine entry (foundation), intermediate, and experienced courses with experts from previous editions and new ones who have prepared fresh content for example on ‘’ESG’’, ‘’Risk Management’’ and “Value creation”. The combination of different fields are highly appreciated as underlined by Rita Marsico, Manager Legal & Corporate Services at Intertrust who saw this as an opportunity to “gain technical knowledge on different topics such as venture capital, legal fund structuring or tax implications”.

Two hundred and 30 participants, 40 speakers and 12 different modules later, the only thing we’re missing is the physical interaction which should now finally happen during this new edition, thanks to a dedicated networking event which will be organised. For those not based in Luxembourg, it could be a good excuse/occasion to meet local peers and come closer to recruitment opportunities.

It is interesting to see how the Academy became an all-in-one opportunity: train Private Equity teams, offer specialised development for active professionals and an attraction magnet for new talents.

Evi Gkini Business Development & Project Manager

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