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Rockids: Three Montessori crèches developing every child’s potential

Rockids: Three Montessori crèches developing every child’s potential

In 2021, Rockids responded to parents’ needs by offering three Montessori crèches approved by the Ministry of Education and which accept Childcare Service Vouchers.
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The ideal care environment for children aged from three months to four years is ensured by using the Montessori method. This is the ideal choice for parents who would like their children to be cared for and educated using these respected pedagogical techniques. 

The Montessori method

The Montessori method is a child-centred approach to education, recognising that each child has an “absorbent mind”, and that there are particular “sensitive periods” during which the child’s independence and self-confidence can best be fostered.

Benefits of this method for your child

The Montessori method is unique in the way it seeks to follow as closely as possible each child’s natural development. This means being especially attentive to how each child’s progress is monitored, enabling the educators to give them what they need, when they need it. In a conventional crèche, the educators set out the activities for each day. At Montessori by the Rockids day care centres, activities are permanently available through the provision of specialised material. The child does not need adult intervention when they want to follow the activities that stimulate them. They are free to choose the direction that interests them, with the materials becoming more complex as the child delves deeper.

 The Montessori environment for your child 

The Montessori method encourages children to learn to live well as part of a community. Based on "living together" principles, they learn simple, clear rules at an early stage. For example, they are taught that after having chosen material and completed the activity, they should return it to its place so that other children can also benefit. These rules promoting respect for one's peers, for adults, and for the material, are shared by all nurseries. These key principles are conveyed in a caring, but firm manner.

 A method adapted to the needs of each child

Just as children learn to walk and talk at different times, so it is with their interest in different activities: learning about their environment, developing motor skills, language acquisition, etc. The materials are available for children to make many discoveries and engage with a wide range of activities at their own pace. 

Training of our educators

Every Montessori by Rockids educator receives continual, on-going training.

It is important that we provide more than the legal minimum training hours, because the children benefit when educators are fully aware of the latest best practice and new techniques. It also helps when they can share experiences with other professionals.

 Register with one of the Montessori by Rockids crèches

Simply go to, select the crèche you are interested in and complete a pre-registration form. The Rockids team will be in touch quickly to schedule a visit when all your questions can be answered.