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SHULU launches its Executive MBA program (EMBA)

SHULU launches its Executive MBA program (EMBA)

After a successful pilot in 2021, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHULU) is now officially launching its Executive MBA program (EMBA).
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The SHULU team designed their EMBA Program last year, answering the market need for a program supporting skill development in career professionals. They onboarded ten students in the spring of 2021, who—nine months later—are halfway through their EMBA journey.

 “As someone with over ten years of experience in the communications field, I was looking for a way to level up in my career. The EMBA program at SHULU has broadened and deepened my skill sets, expanded my professional network, and introduced me to important concepts I never would have come into contact with otherwise,” says current EM student Johanna Sorrentino.

 Combining a Core MBA Curriculum with an Executive Journey, SHULU’s EMBA program welcomes brand new students from outside the university, current SHULU MBA students (Part-Time or Full-Time) transferring into the program, as well as SHULU MBA Alumni who have finished the Core MBA program successfully and wish to add the Executive Journey.

 “The Executive Journey is our added value. We offer both the tools and the support to help them step up to their potential, both professionally and personally, says SHULU Director of Student Experience and EMBA Program Leader Esther Celosse.

 Consisting of an Executive Program (including Milestone Workshops, candidate organized Brown Bag Sessions, Team Building, Company Visits, Ideation Sessions, Roundtables, Meeting the BoR and an International Business Week) and an Executive CARE Program (Organized Coaching Sessions, Mentoring Support and Career Advancement Sessions), SHULU’s new EMBA program is designed to mold around the schedule of working professionals. It offers rolling admission, a flexible duration, and the student’s choice of program electives.

 “The rolling allows for greater diversification of the student cohort, and creates a dynamic mix of peers throughout the duration of the program,” adds Celosse.

 For more information or to apply, please contact Celosse at

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  About SHU Luxembourg

With more than 30 years of experience in Luxembourg and a network of over 700 MBA Alumni, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg offers AACSB accredited MBA programs through evening courses. Answering the needs of professionals wishing to pursue higher education and embrace new challenges, SHULU also offers Graduate Certificates in Digital Management, Leadership, and Private Equity, as well as a new Certificate and Mini MBeA in Sustainability and Social Impact.

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