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SHULU’s “Sustainability in Action” Leadership Platform delivers concrete and actionable results

SHULU’s “Sustainability in Action” Leadership Platform delivers concrete and actionable results

Sacred Heart University’s recently launched “Sustainability in Action” Leadership Platform has produced its first tangible outcomes.
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An ideation camp, ran in collaboration with Luxinnovation and +Impakt, produced impressive results with five concrete business plans in the field of circular building construction in Luxembourg.

As promised by the name of our ‘Sustainability in Action’ Leadership Platform, we have delivered concrete and actionable results made in Luxembourg, for Luxembourg, two months after its launch at KlimaExpo last October. Our success has been based on our 3C approach to sustainable development: generating Confidence, inspiring Creativity, fuelling Collaboration. These are amazing outcomes that showcase the effectivenss of SHULU’s education”, said Marcus Muller, Professor of Management at SHULU and ideation camp co-ordinator.

The five winning projects

  • One business plan is centered around the development of an AI-driven online platform effectively connecting owners of non-living spaces such as schools, garages or malls with potential users for sports, crafting or community events outside business hours.
  • A second team identified the need and proposed a compelling solution for a material bank, made in Luxembourg. The service platform would be designed to centralize the quantity and quality of raw materials such as steel, concrete, wood, glass or copper per individual building. An online link to commodity market pricing would allow for actual ‘on the spot’ valuation of the material.
  • “How to create a market for used materials?” was the key question that team 3 tackled. As a result of their background research and subsequent ideation, they put together an intriguing business plan for an online market dedicated to used products and materials from the construction sector.
  • The fourth project introduced the novel perspective of a certification of construction processes to assess and certify the quality of products and materials for practical re-use in the construction lifecycle instead of shipping it.
  • Finally, a fifth team came up with an avantgarde solution of a modular “house within a house” concept to make efficient use of unoccupied or too large residential spaces, in response to Luxembourg’s increasing housing problems. 

“None of the twenty two MBA students had any prior experience in either circularity or the construction industry. Our ideation camp enabled them to become ambassadors of change through sustainable innovation and transformation. This awesome journey confirms Malcolm X’s quote: Education is the passport to the future; tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!” added Marcus Muller.

All five ideas made it into Luxinnovation’s idea-to-flagship pipeline. SHULU will carry two of the promising business plans forward (material bank and certification), immediately into its “Capstone Consulting Services” Course, where students will drive the projects towards further implementation with Luxinnovation as their client.

Outstanding results”, was Johnny Brebels’ reaction to the output of SHULU’s ideation camp. He is Luxinnovation’s Director of Company Relations and Support and sees “significant synergies for each of the five business plans. A win-win with ongoing innovation initiatives in Luxembourg.  Beyond the educative aspect, the sustainable and innovative dimensions are perfectly aligned with Luxinnovation’s mission to support companies and contribute to a digital sustainable economy. In case some of the student teams intend to create startups we could also see how to support them with incubation, state aid, acceleration or venture capital as we do for other startups”.

About Sustainability in Action Leadership Platform

What will it take to bring the planet back on track? At least one requirement will be a massive paradigm shift in how we think about businesses. Doing less harm is not going to help us. Only doing good by aligning economic, environmental and social considerations will sustain human life on earth. Thinking differently about business and how to use it as a force for good is at the core of SHULU’s Platform of ‘Sustainability in Action’. SHULU educates current and future leaders on how to become change ambassadors for sustainable business innovation. SHULU cares about the future of the planet, the role business plays in that as well as students’ career opportunities. Courses and programs have been developed and are being taught in partnership with key players in Luxembourg’s sustainability ecosystem, including Luxinnovation, +Impakt and B Lab.


Sacred Heart University Luxembourg has been in Luxembourg since 1991 offering AACSB accredited, graduate level programs tailored to the needs of working professionals. SHULU offers several academic options authorized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education and Research including: Full time MBA (Master in Business Administration) with internship, Part-time MBA, Executive MBA, Professional Certificates in Sustainability & Social Impact, Management in the Digital Age, Private Equity or Leadership, as well as executive education for companies. 

About Luxinnovation

Luxinnovation, as Innovation Agency, empowers companies to innovate today to be ready for tomorrow and contributes to the development of the economy as a whole by identifying innovation opportunities and fostering collaborative innovation projects that stimulate the development of a sustainable, competitive, and digital economy. Set up as an Economic Interest Group, Luxinnovation is supported by the Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry for Higher Education and Research, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the Luxembourg Chamber of Skilled Crafts and FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry.

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