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EY has recently released its flagship tax publication, the “Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide 2021”, a guide summarizing the corporate tax systems in more than 160 jurisdictions – an essential for every taxpayer.
Business & Finance 02.11.2021
Estimates show that 75% of the worldwide infrastructure that will be in place in 2050 does not exist today.
Business & Finance 2 min. 25.10.2021
Earlier this year, when we first started discussing the key topics which would feature in our October 28th Insights conference, we looked at several leading trends.
Business & Finance by ~EXTERNE 3 min. 18.10.2021
Jon Levine of Banking Circle explores how the instant payments revolution will benefit corporates as cash is released from the payments system.
Business & Finance 4 min. 18.10.2021
Join more than 1,000 PE and VC professionals, and more than 700 LPs & GPs at one of the biggest online conferences of its kind in Europe.
Business & Finance 3 min. 14.10.2021
Luxembourg might seem like an obvious destination for business events, but sometimes a place needs a little extra boost. Hence the Luxembourg Convention Bureau.
Business & Finance 4 min. 11.10.2021
Mudam Performance Season: The Illusion of the End is a two-week exhibition devoted to performance in contemporary art.
Business & Finance 3 min. 27.09.2021
High quality childcare, in an English and Luxembourgish speaking environment, provided near to your work is what the new crèche Montessori by Rockids is all about.
Luxembourg 2 min. 27.09.2021
The "Lëtzebuerger Grillwurst", the "Gëlle Fra", the Schengen agreement, the "Schueberfouer" and... ACL.
Business & Finance 2 min. 24.09.2021
Exhibition of Belgian artists at Degroof Petercam Luxembourg, in partnership with the Ixelles Museum (Brussels), from 29 September to 29 October 2021
Business & Finance 5 5 min. 22.09.2021
Discover how the experts at Degroof Petercam have been ensuring the peace of mind of families, individuals and companies for 150 years.
Business & Finance 17.09.2021
Business Run 2019, Foto: Chris Karaba/Luxemburger Wort
Business Run 2019, Foto: Chris Karaba/Luxemburger Wort
The Luxembourg Times BusinessRun takes place as a CovidCheck event
Leisure & Shopping 25.08.2021
Valuation oversight is definitely a theme at the forefront of many AIFM agendas and more specifically, the efficient organization and digitalization of the valuation function and oversight. This was one of the highlights of the round table organized by EY Luxembourg.
Business & Finance 2 min. 28.07.2021
As sustainable finance is being driven by increasing market and regulatory pressure, the Luxembourg financial sector is rushing to keep pace.
Business & Finance 1 4 min. 28.06.2021
Following the Covid 19 outbreak, raising capital became more cumbersome. Multinational groups could use intragroup financial guarantees to decrease their cost of funding. New guidance has been published to price such guarantees at arm’s length conditions, increasing scrutiny by tax authorities.
Business & Finance 2 min. 21.06.2021
Michael Ferguson came to Luxembourg in 1989 and joined EY in 1994.
Business & Finance 2 min. 17.06.2021
Bookshelves with books. New York City, NY, USA
Bookshelves with books. New York City, NY, USA
The Fourth Industrial Revolution will drive a fundamental shift in the relationship between humans and machines.
Business & Finance 2 min. 10.06.2021
Consumers’ habits are constantly evolving, and they expect businesses to provide an efficient personalised experience as well as quality services that meet their needs
Business & Finance 31.05.2021
The Philharmonie Luxembourg, Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean and Grand Théâtre de la Ville: three of Luxembourg’s major cultural institutions, continue their innovative red bridge project, building bridges, both geographically and artistically, between music, dance, performance and visual arts.
Business & Finance 4 min. 24.05.2021
Private Equity (“PE”) has undergone impressive growth over the last two decades and is still expected to double its assets under management to more than $9 trillion by 2025.
Business & Finance 3 min. 18.05.2021
The only greater threat to the planet than environmental risks is weapons of mass destruction, according to the World Economic Forum.
Business & Finance 3 min. 17.05.2021
We often hear that it is good to have a life insurance policy in order to transfer lump sums to family and friends, or to be used as a means of savings by building up additional capital in the longer term.
Business & Finance 3 min. 11.05.2021
15.05.2021 | 17h00 | Grand Hall 16.05.2021 | 10h00 + 17h00 | Grand Hall
Business & Finance by ~EXTERNE 10.05.2021
Office life might never be the same again.
Business & Finance 3 min. 07.05.2021
It is often debated that electric vehicles are more expensive then combustion powered vehicles, while the truth lies somewhere in between.
Education & Family 3 min. 20.04.2021
Female designer standing in front of a wooden table. Happy and confident, smiling and looking at camera.
Female designer standing in front of a wooden table. Happy and confident, smiling and looking at camera.
What does sustainability mean to you and your business? In Luxembourg, the scrutiny of businesses' environmental, social, and corporate governance programs looks set to further intensify. But does this shift spell more opportunity or an increase in risk? UBS presents three simple steps for any business to become more sustainable, purposeful… and potentially more profitable.
Business & Finance 2 min. 19.04.2021
Private Equity continues to fly high despite a slight pause caused by the pandemic.
Business & Finance 2 min. 19.04.2021
With its new, sustainable and exclusive Visa credit cards, Banque Raiffeisen is strengthening its active commitment to the environment and the climate.
Business & Finance 09.04.2021
With the start of 2021, the new CO2 tax came along with it to encourage the switch to more environmentally friendly vehicles in order to respond to the sustainability goals of the Grand-Duchy.
Business & Finance 5 min. 07.04.2021
Business leaders tend to freeze once they hear one of these words. However, they are not as cold as current times where we long for sunny days to return, especially with us still facing confinement in one way or another. Grab a coffee, get cozy and let’s dive within the warmer world of liquidation!
Business & Finance 2 min. 30.03.2021
"Codex Events" provides digital solutions for everyone.
Business & Finance 2 min. 26.03.2021
In this article, we will explore the recent updates of DAC6 and their impact on you, together with an outline of the type of organisational structure that may be appropriate.
Business & Finance 1 5 min. 26.03.2021
Italy: a veritable trove of striking landscapes, cultural and natural riches, unforgettable art cities and gastronomic delights.
Business & Finance 24.03.2021
2021 marks a milestone for Loyens & Loeff, which celebrates its 30th year in Luxembourg. 30 years of expertise, challenges and innovation.
Business & Finance 16.03.2021
The message is clear – it is about trying to catch up with Luxembourg as the incumbent preferred EU hub to establish, amongst others, private credit holding structures.
Business & Finance 3 min. 11.03.2021
In this interview, Christophe Vandendorpe and Pierre Kuntzelmann from EY Luxembourg´s Strategy and Transactions team, discuss prepping your business for a successful sale.
Business & Finance 3 min. 26.02.2021
How did the financial industry evolve during your 30 years in banking?
Business & Finance 3 min. 24.02.2021